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The Importance of Detoxification to Weight Loss

Feb 28, 2019 05:45PM

Detoxification has shown to be extremely beneficial to support healthy weight loss and maintenance. The removal of toxins from the system supports organs’ ability to better absorb nutrients, which are crucial for all biological functions. This, in turn, restores chemical/hormonal imbalances, supporting a healthy metabolic function. A healthy metabolic function is the key to healthy body weight and healthy body composition.

Most of the toxins that we are exposed to daily are subjected to numerous chemical changes in preparation for elimination from the body. The major detoxification reactions take place in the liver. These reactions are intended to transform chemicals that are fat-soluble into water-soluble compounds in order to be eliminated through the kidneys (urine), skin (sweat) and gallbladder (bile via bowel movements).

For that reason, proper detoxification should not target only the liver, but also support all the organs and systems involved in elimination of toxins: skin, kidneys and gallbladder. The liver should detoxify the system naturally in an ideal world, surrounded by a stable environment, which involves a clean whole food diet, proper water intake, without use and abuse of medication or alcohol, living a holistic lifestyle with minimum or lack of stressors and proper exercise, but that is usually not the case.


Dr. Lidia Adkins, DC, FMCP, is the founder of Carolinas Weight Loss Institute, with seven locations. Charlotte area locations are 216 S. New Hope Rd., in Gastonia, 704-271-9757 and 7928 Council Place, Ste. 116, in Matthews, 704-321-4663. For more information, visit


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