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Special Insights On Easter at Unity Spiritual Center of Charlotte

Apr 01, 2019 12:18PM

During the month of April, the Unity Spiritual Center of Charlotte will explore some alternative perspectives on Easter at the Park Road Church. Some of the topics that’ll be covered include the traditional Easter stories of sin, sacrifice and vicarious atonement; the many differing positions on Jesus and Easter within the emerging ancient Jewish/Christian communities; the many conflicting historical details contained within the four Easter stories recorded in the Bible and recent new discoveries on them; what our Easter stories reveal if we looked at them symbolically or metaphysically; and the more recent mystical perspectives on Easter like those found in A Course In Miracles.

Whether one believes they know all about Easter or think it too remote to be relevant today, their Sunday talks in April will inform, inspire and perhaps surprise. Historically Easter (and Passover) were times for deep spiritual connection that went far beyond the stories recorded in the Bible. Non-denominational Unity Ministers Reverends Jim and Kay Fuller will look at Easter through new, historical, Eastern and mystical eyes. Learning new things and finding fresh perspectives will help attendees experience Easter in liberating, transformative and healing ways.


Location: 3900 Park Rd. For more information, call 704-619-9029, email [email protected] or visit

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