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One-Year Anniversary of Reiki For Wellness at Levine Children’s Hospital Center

Apr 29, 2019 05:40PM


by Martin Miron

Reiki For Wellness, led by Certified Medical Reiki Masters Tammy Schoolcraft and Miri Klements, celebrated their one-year anniversary of partnering with the Levine Children’s Hospital Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Center on April 2. In that period, 1,053 reiki treatments were given for children being treated for cancer, bone marrow transplants and other rare blood disorders at the Center as part of the Comprehensive Wellness Center’s Supportive Medicine Program.

Tammy Schoolcraft and Miri Klements teamed up in 2016 to create Reiki For Wellness with the goal of sharing reiki as a holistic, patient-focused complementary therapy for those struggling with a life-altering disease or illness. Reiki had not been offered at Levine Children’s Hospital until the partnership and the facility is expanding its Supportive Medicine program to include other nontraditional therapies. In the last four years, Reiki For Wellness has provided reiki to staff and patients throughout Charlotte’s Atrium Health organization.

The offering of Reiki gives patients an additional tool that’s not another medication, not invasive and has no negative side effects. Many parents are thrilled to find that more integrative and supportive options for the overall well-being of the patient are being offered. Reiki soothes the body, mind and emotions. Many of the children that are treated find relief from pain, anxiety and discomfort. After reiki, patients are much more relaxed and some even fall asleep. Some patients have even said that if they had to have a favorite part of being in the hospital it would be their reiki treatment. The program is supported by grants from local foundations and is free to patients.

Schoolcraft relates the experiences of Ethan Parlier, who passed away at 12 last December with Ewing Sarcoma. “Ethan looked forward to receiving reiki every time he was at the center as it helped him tremendously with his pain. The first time he was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try. Later his mom Angela told me that on the way home, he said, ‘I think that Reiki lady healed me! Because my back doesn’t hurt anymore.’”

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