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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Berrybrook Keeps the Old Values Kindling

May 31, 2019 05:42PM

by Holliday Adams

Nearly everyone knows that fried food, sodas and ice cream are all bad news for everything but your mouth! Today, even doctors and pharmacists agree that the principles of nutrition and wellness are the best hedge against illness. It’s really clear that, coupled with our DNA, we are what we eat and drink. So make it count. Some call it eating clean and at Berrybrook Natural Foods they call it a way of life.

At Charlotte's first health food store, opened in 1972, Berrybrook educates customers at 1257 East Boulevard, where the red wagon is parked on the corner of East and Kenilworth in Dilworth. The Jacks family and employees have been walking the talk at this special store, adding to the health of our community, while providing good jobs for dozens of Charlotteans for decades.

The employees and managers all have long backgrounds in health and wellness. Together their careers add up to over 145 years in healthy living education! Some employees are from around the country, some from right here in the Carolinas, and one is a Parisian named Dominique. All are working to help you make your own best healthy choices. Even the 5 Jacks’ kids have helped. They all worked at Berrybrook as they grew up while Charlotte grew into a sizable city.

Because there are no artificial ingredients in any product, you’ll find the best (and the hard to find) in supplements, enzymes, herbs, homeopathics, CBD Oils, Sweet’s and Norm’s Elderberry Syrup. Get the best Black Seed oils, Emu and essential oils, local and specialty honeys. Check out the Male/Female/Kids specialty sections. Make the shift to clean Health and Beauty Aids from the Carolinas to Hawaii, and drop the chemicals from your beauty regimen. Go gluten free or get organic produce basics, local cheeses, chips, snacks, Kombucha and ginseng drinks. Try specialty teas, coffee, breads, flours, spices and even Duck eggs. Berrybrook also has the machines for real Alkaline/Ionized water.

While you’re there step up to the Juice Bar Deli to taste a bit of heaven as you bite into a Zesty Black Bean Burrito, a quality Tuna Melt, Avocado Reuben, Tofu Dog or other great selections. Slurp Berrybrook’s all fruit and veggie smoothies like the Mean Green or Nutty Finger. Try Bone Broth for gut health or fresh, made on the spot juices just the way you like ‘em. Pop in for fresh grab and go and drinks in the coolers or place a custom order and talk to staff. Try the homemade soups, learn while you briefly wait, and meet new people and make old friends.

Berrybrook is especially interested in you and your family. Their mission is for customers to feel how great it is to feel good, and help our Planet, too. Each product is chosen with those goals in mind. Come into Berrybrook and strengthen your health while stepping back in time to when folks really cared. You might just feel you’ve found a home away from home.


Berrybrook Natural Foods is located at 1257 East Blvd. (corner of East and Kenilworth). For more information, call 704-334-6528 or visit



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