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Miracle Fruit Available in Charlotte

Jul 02, 2019 12:31PM

by Martin Miron


Beth Sturdivant, an independent advocate with Lifebrook, is also a certified nutritionist and wellness consultant, diplomate of holistic iridology and a survivor of chemical poisoning and electromagnetic sickness that caused brain damage, nervous and endocrine system damage, heavy metal poisoning, and extreme edema. Sturdivant self-published the book Backyard Secret Exposed in 2013.

Lifebrook was founded by Tony Heistercamp in 2018 after having a positive response and high demand for the aronia berry product from his local community. Lifebrook offers more than 200 science-based research abstracts in the areas of eye, brain, circulatory and heart, digestive, joint and blood research.

Numerous studies published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, BioMed Research International, and Molecules on eye health, brain health, circulatory and heart health, digestive health, joint health and blood health document the scientific health benefits of aronia berries.

“We are releasing a best-kept secret as we have begun recently sharing this top master fruit in Charlotte,” says Sturdivant. “We are extremely excited to assist with sharing the knowledge that this amazing berry can bring to each and every household.”

Sturdivant says, “The Lifebrook company is different because we have the top master fruit of the world grown right in North America. We offer a superior juice that is all juice, with no fillers and a daily vitamin mineral supplement with fiber from the powder of the aronia berry. It can provide rejuvenation each and every day we live to help offset the stress we encounter from our environment today.”

Sturdivant learned about aronia berries as part of her own grueling journey back to health. As a successful Subway franchisee for 20-plus years, Sturdivant found herself extremely sick, struggling to stay alive and trying to figure out what to do after being poisoned by electromagnetic radiation.

She says, “Imagine the struggle of being forced into total isolation. I could not have visitors. I had to have my bedroom door shut; the windows blocked. My body was in total fight-or-flight. I was in so much pain feeling nauseated all day long every day for almost two years and with terrible headaches that were worse than having a migraine. I could not be a mom and take my children anywhere or support them physically at any school or fun event. I could not drive or ride in a car. The swelling was extremely crazy, absolute extreme edema.”

After seeing numerous environmental and holistic doctors, chiropractors, Sturdivant shares, “I continued being extremely sensitive until I found this juice. My life totally changed in the last seven months. I am not claiming yours will; but I do know when you finally find what your body needs, great improvement happens.”


For more information, call 704-918-5545, attend regular Monday “Hear the Heart of Lifebrook” call or visit

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