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The Benefits of Bio-Scalar Fields

Jul 02, 2019 12:11PM

Terry Shintani, M.D., a professor of medicine author of 12 books on health, says, “Electronic medicine could replace drugs” for certain conditions, in Scientific American magazine. For people on chronic medication for sleep, depression, fatigue, arthritis and pain, this is welcome news, because taking medications for too long may have unpleasant and even deadly side effects. On the horizon are several innovative energy medicine approaches that have the potential for combating fatigue, arthritis and pain, and for improving sleep and energy.

John Orava, a physicist who specializes in brain research and serves as president of the Bio-Physicists Foundation, examined the effect of the EESystem. He says, “What’s occurring is the transmutation of existing energy fields and a collision of photons at 90 and 180 degrees. The result is the production of new forms of energy fields. There’s even more than that going on. This (the EESystem) definitely would have an effect on all forms of energy. Since everything is energy, including people, it would definitely have an effect on us. The normal 60-cycle hum that you find in surroundings from electrical circuits have been transmuted. There is no longer the 60-cycle hum that is detrimental to human health. It’s been transmuted to other frequencies. This is revolutionary technology that needs to be further explored for its potential for healing.”

The concept is not to treat a specific disease, but rather to boost the body’s cellular energy so that the body heals itself. This was presented at a United Nations round table, and some experts think that it may be the future of medicine. Users sit in the chamber, taking a nap or meditating in this energy field. According to Orava, the field affects every cell in the body.

People that have experience with “being in the energy” have reported deeper states of relaxation; deeper meditation states; improved sleep, energy and vision; improvements in skin; improved management of stress; super learning states, improved self-confidence and mental functioning; and improved flexibility, performance and creativity.


Mary Elizabeth Diercks is Director of Zero Point Center, the only EESystem in North Carolina, located at 705 Griffith St., Ste. 206, in Davidson. For appointments and more information, call 980-689-4166 or visit

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