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Ajna Light Therapy Sessions at Ahlara International

Jul 02, 2019 11:48AM


Ahlara International, a spa, boutique and spiritual center, in Mooresville, North Carolina, is celebrating 13 years of service to the Charlotte/Lake Norman area by continuing to be a pivotal entity in the field of holistic healing services for mind, body and spirit. Along with its infrared sauna, amethyst bio-mat, dry float bed, meditation classes and more, private 40- and 60-minute Ajna Light Therapy sessions with Katie Sutton, integrative healer and founder of Zen Within Academy, will be offered on the fourth Tuesday of every month beginning on June 25.

Ajna Light Therapy is a breakthrough brainwave entrainment device that helps novice and experienced meditators alike explore enhanced states of consciousness and deeply relaxing meditative states without years of training. The entrainment created is similar to the effects experienced by those that are advanced in meditation practice including Buddhist monks.

The system uses LED lights, which flicker at specific frequencies to entrain brainwaves into a range of trance states, ranging from light relaxation to the deepest of meditative states. These deep meditative states also activate the pineal gland in the brain’s center.  Mental defenses are lowered, we are open to a greater awareness than our typical controlling egoic mind patterns, and profound spiritual insights can be gained.

In these sessions, Sutton works with the participant to identify misalignments on a physical and energetic body level and return them to balance. She uses a range of modalities including the world-renowned teachings of Dr. Sue Morter and her Energy Codes healing framework, sound therapy and energetic trauma release.


Location: 155 Joe V. Knox Ave. For more information or to register for a session, call 704-662-0946 or visit or

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