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Myobrace Restores Proper Oral Function

By using myofunctional treatments targeting the tongue and facial muscles used to chew and swallow, it is possible to guide growth and development and correct habits that are working in opposition to proper oral function. We are supposed to have room for all of our 32 permanent teeth, but today that is rarely the case due to factors traced to infancy, where tongue position and its related functions such as swallowing are learned.

How a child breathes is also established at this stage. External factors such as improper breast-feeding positions, bottle feeding, use of pacifiers and thumb-sucking can all play a critical role in how oral function, including breathing, is trained. When we do not have proper oral function, growth and development are affected, and so is our overall health and the position of our teeth.

Crooked and crowded teeth begin long before the first orthodontic appointment, and braces do not address the root cause. In order to sleep, breathe, swallow correctly and grow symmetrically, proper oral function is essential, and it sets the stage for adulthood. Potential problems include sleep apnea, TMJ disorders and crooked or crowded teeth.

It is common for children to have sleep disordered breathing (SDB), but it is not normal. It is common for children to breath through the mouth, but a host of detrimental side effects can occur. Crooked and crowded teeth are common, but this also is not normal.

Myobrace products, in conjunction with daily breathing, tongue, swallowing and lip exercises along with proper nutrition work together to change habits and restore proper oral function. When children are able to breathe using their nose, keep their tongue in the proper location, and able to swallow and function in the correct and healthy manner, the true gains benefit overall health as much as the teeth. When function is fully restored and balanced, devices such as retainers are not required.


Luis Crespo, DDS, and Holistic Dental Centers, with locations in Cary and Cornelius, can be reached for appointments and more information at 704-765-3150 and

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