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Free Talk on Healings of Bruno Groening

Sep 29, 2019 07:02PM ● By Shannon McKenzie

Dr. Wolfgang Vogelsberger, M.D., will talk about what many believe to be the thousands of medically verified spiritual healings of Bruno Groening.

“Bruno Groening left behind the knowledge of how to absorb a natural healing power that can bring long-lasting health to every human being,” says Fred Stevens, a follower of Groening’s work. “I’ve found that his teachings have simplified and clarified my own spiritual inclinations in ways that no other  teachings have.”

The Medical Scientific Group (MWF), an international forum of independent healthcare professionals, has documented and verified Groening’s results. 

The talk will take place from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., November 4, at the Cornwell Center in Charlotte. There is no cost to attend. Donations are appreciated.

“The information provided may open you up for a way to healing, whether it’s a health challenge, a financial difficulty, a parenting issue or any life problem that holds you back,” says Stevens.


Location: 2001 Selwyn Ave. For more information call 704-280-1251, email [email protected] or visit To register,

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