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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Mindful Movement Profiles

 Okra Yoga

Nestled on Commonwealth in the heart of the Plaza Midwood community, Okra offers a wide variety of mindful classes and workshops for all levels of yogis from beginners to the most dedicated Ashtanga practitioners, extending to Chi Running/Walking, and does so at some of the most affordable rates in Charlotte. Okra's stated purpose is to be an inspiration, a supporter, and a champion of physical, mental, and spiritual health. We are committed to helping all in our community live life more passionately, joyfully, and abundantly.

Location: 1912 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte. For more information, call 704-266-1443 or visit



Child’Space Charlotte: The Chava Shelhav Method, based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais

Experience a unique scientifically based program that encourages positive early bonding between parent and child. Touch, movement, speech, facial expression, rhythm and song promote learning in the critical development period from birth through independent walking. Parents learn to trust their judgment and intuition. Babies learn through their relationship with parents and caregivers who provide safety, stimulation and emotional regulation to support gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional, cognitive and early language development. Free introductory sessions and classes offered October 17-19. Training program starts June 2020.

Location: 4805 Park Road, Suite 200, Charlotte. For more information, call 704-650-7252, visit or or email [email protected].



 Movement Dialogues

Resources for all ages improving ease of movement, flexibility, coordination, and mental and emotional well-being. Feldenkrais®, offered in private table sessions, weekly classes and workshops, uses unique movement sequences to unravel harmful habits, restore ability and regulate the nervous system. Bones for Life®, supporting healthy bones, posture and

balance thru movement and vibration is offered in classes, workshops, weekend immersions and trainings. Child’Space Charlotte, Walk for Life and other programs available.  Improving one’s movement enhances thinking, emotional regulation and problem-solving.

Location: 4805 Park Road, Suite 200, Charlotte. For more information, call 704-650-7252, visit or email [email protected]



Deep Ecology and Posture Meditation at Dillsboro Inn

Offering fun and insightful workshops at a nature lodge on a whitewater river within walking distance of Dillsboro, NC. In a largely left-brain society, we offer programs to develop the right brain and imaginal mind. Through hospitality, environmental education, ecotourism and indigenous ceremony that fosters connection to the earth and sky, we help individuals cultivate creativity and intuition. Join us, play in nature and most importantly, develop a deeper and healing connection with our Mother Earth. 3 days, 2 night minimum, $75 plus room and board. 

Location: Where the Blue Ridge meets the Smoky Mountains - 146 N. River Rd., Dillsboro, NC. For more information, call 828-507-3113, visit or 



 Tai Chi and Qigong at Empower Life Center

Go beyond stretching, toning and working out. Enliven your body, awaken your life energy and expand your mind. Experience the movement exercise for mind and body fitness with Camilo Sanchez, L.Ac, MAOM, published author, seasoned and recognized master instructor of Tai Chi, Qigong, Integrated Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Register for Beginners Tai Chi for Mind and Body Fitness beginning Saturday, September 14, and learn the simplest, most popular form of Tai Chi in the world, the 24 movements Yang Tai Chi short form.

Location: 14136 Lancaster Hwy, Pineville. For more information, call 704-542-8088 or visit



NoDa Yoga

NoDa Yoga offers multiple styles of yoga for all levels of experience. We specialize in gentle, restorative, vinyasa and yin yoga with a focus on functional anatomy. In our continued efforts to offer personalized instruction, NoDa Yoga maintains small class sizes and encourages the use of props.  Led by instructors with advanced training and certifications, classes are intended to encourage student exploration over what the poses “should look like,” using yoga as a way to connect on a deeper level with mind, body, and breath.

Location: 3201 N Davidson St, Ste B, Charlotte. For more information, call 704-605-4605, visit or email [email protected]



 Qoya Intentional Movement for Women at Be Yoga Dilworth

Qoya is movement with meaning. It's based on the idea that through movement we remember our essence is wise, wild and free. With a combination of dance, yoga, feminine movement, and community connections, you'll slow down and feel, sweat, play, and have fun. You'll experience the physical sensation of truth in your body and gain the confidence and clarity to follow it. There is no way you can do it wrong and you know you're doing it right when it feels good. Thursdays at 7:30pm.

Location: 1247 East Blvd, #250, Charlotte. For more information, call 704-372-7665, visit or email [email protected].



Integrative Yoga at Northeast Internal and Integrative Medicine

We offer several yoga programs available to the community.  Our unique yoga classes incorporate various modalities designed to treat chronic pain, anxiety and to promote general health and wellness. Sherry Bonds, LMBT, has trained in basic yoga, yoga therapy, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic medicine as well as the Feldenkrais Method® of movement therapy.   Her unique class, Integrative Yoga, integrates all of these modalities into one program with an emphasis on quieting the mind and adopting a lifestyle of optimum health and wellness.    

Location: 707 Memorial Blvd, Concord. For more information, call 704-403-7050, visit


 Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) by Roper Physical Therapy

MTY was developed for patients with acute and chronic pain who fared better when yoga was used as the primary means for delivering rehabilitation. MTY offers a model for fitness and rehabilitation that helps you maintain health in a simpler and more holistic way. Roper physical therapists have 1500+ training hours under Ginger Garner MPT, PYT, and founder. We offer private, one-on-one sessions and small classes with hands-on MFR assistance. Proper alignment and yoga for every body is our focus.  Beginners welcome.  

Location: 301 E. Tremont Ave, Ste B, Charlotte. For more information, call 980-298-6706 or visit




Pilates~Yoga~Sculpt~Cardio with IM=X Pilates and Fitness

Our proprietary Integrated Movement Xercize formula fuses the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of Pilates with added strength, cardio and stretch elements for a total body workout. IM=X updates older concepts and practices to reflect the newest research on fitness, cardiovascular training and spine stabilization. Create a longer, leaner, more toned and healthier you. Our semi-private classes are challenging yet low-impact and held in a spa-like atmosphere that is clean and bright.  All levels are welcome and will benefit– from the beginner to the professional athlete. 

Location: 8035 Providence Rd, Ste 330, Charlotte. For more information, call 704-575-5366 or visit


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