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Balance and Release with Thai Massage

Dec 29, 2019 11:01AM ● By Shannon Mc Kenzie

by Hal Smith

Thai yoga massage is an ancient form of bodywork. In Thailand, it is known as nuad boran, which roughly translates as "ancient massage". While being an accurate summation, this is not perhaps as appropriate as what we call it in English. The Thai people’s devotion to this art has led to its preservation over the passage of centuries, passing from teacher to student over many generations. It was originally brought from India to Thailand by Buddhist monks that used it in the monasteries to maintain health and promote longevity according to the medical precepts set forth by Jivaka Kumar, the Buddha’s personal physician. 

It uses rhythmic compression along with passive stretching in order to restore energy flow, increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance the body's energy systems.

 Different than a traditional massage, Thai massage is performed on a large mat on the floor and the receiver is fully clothed in garments in which they can move freely. Normally in a Thai session, no oils or lotions are used, as the therapist relies on the rhythmic compression and stretching to open and balance the energy flow. 

Sessions typically last between one and two hours, and are sometimes combined with traditional massage sessions such as hot stone, Swedish, deep tissue, and Raindrop. In order to have a complete experience, these combination sessions will often require two to three hours, with the traditional portion performed on the table.

In each of these Thai therapeutic combination sessions, the receiver starts with an hour-long full body Thai treatment on the mat, and then prepares for the traditional session on the table. The receiver is then in a more receptive state to receive the full benefits of the traditional portion, whether it be from hot stone, Swedish, deep tissue or Raindrop. These benefits can include pain relief, calming of the nervous system, myofascial release, muscle relaxation, toxin release and improved immune support. 

At its essence, Thai massage is a balanced blend of physical and energetic healing techniques and concepts. It is the skillful combination of applying both broad and targeted acupressure, finding and dissolving blockages, stimulating free energy flow, opening and toning the body with yoga like stretches and last, but not least, allowing and encouraging the receiver to engage in a process of self healing, deep relaxation, and renewal. 


Okra Charlotte is located at 1912 Commonwealth Ave., in Charlotte. For more information, call 704-266-1443 or visit 

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