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Minimizing the Risk of Getting Sick

Jan 27, 2020 04:46PM ● By Shannon Mc Kenzie

It’s easier than we might think to stop the spread of nasty viruses like the flu and ensure we stay healthy this year. Prevention is key, and here are some practical things we can do.

Wash Hands: Washing our hands might seem like a common-sense method for stopping the spread of viruses, yet people neglect to wash their hands all the time. Every time we use the bathroom, come home from a public place, prepare a meal or blow our nose, scrub hands with a quality hand soap and hot water. If we’re going to visit a loved one or someone’s new baby, wash hands before leaving home and before we come in contact with the person we are visiting.

Reduce Sugar Intake: Eating too much sugar can cause inflammation in the gut that weakens the immune system, making us more susceptible to contracting an illness. One of the best ways to protect the immune system is to reduce our sugar intake.

Build Up the Immune System: The immune system is what protects us from contracting illnesses. Immune health begins in the gut, so eat healthy, whole foods and perhaps even incorporate a probiotic into our daily routine. Exercise and stress management can also help maintain a healthy gut.

Keep the Home Clean: The flu virus can live on many surfaces, including toilets, sponges, counters, sinks and cutting boards, so it’s important to keep up with our home cleaning routine to prevent the spread of this virus. A weekly scrubdown of the bathroom and ensuring all dishes and counters are washed properly with soap are great ways to help keep the home germ-free.

Increase Vitamin D Intake: Vitamin D supports immune health. If we have low vitamin D levels, our ability to fight off illnesses isn’t as strong as someone with normal, healthy vitamin D levels. If low in vitamin D, adding vitamin D supplements is recommended. Incorporating vitamin D-rich foods such as salmon, eggs, mushrooms, liver and yogurt is also a good idea.

Putting preventive measures in place is the key to ensuring optimal health, no matter how old we are.

PLEASE NOTE COVID19 was not a consideration at the writing of this article. These suggestions are intended for general public education and not to replace professional medical advice. In case you suffer with any medical diagnosis, or experience COVID 19 related symptoms, please advise with your primary health care provider in regards of what supplementation is best for you.


Dr. Michael Smith is the founder of Carolinas Natural Health Center, in Matthews. For more information and appointments, call 704-708-4404 or visit

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