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Be Proactive with a Strong Immune System

Apr 08, 2020 01:22PM ● By Shannon Mc Kenzie

Image by Photomix from Pixabay

Patients that do poorly with the COVID-19 virus generally are the frail, elderly and the chronically ill with preexisting conditions like hypertension, diabetes and obesity, the nutritionally depleted, compromised immune systems and those on multiple prescription medications. 

We need to remind ourselves of our body’s innate power to overcome almost anything. We do not need to panic, but we do need to stay positive and stop eating processed and genetically modified foods, sugars, hormone-laced and chemically laden products of all kinds.  We need to emphasize organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, grass-fed beef, etc. and minimize dairy and gluten-containing grains.

We must rely on ourselves, not the current medical/pharmaceutical model of health which only offers Band-Aid care and ignores root causes; follow our deepest intuitions; and act only then.

Certain immune enhancing, antiviral, non-pharmaceutical substances can help us get through this. Most of these substances or remedies lack the validity of peer reviewed scientific publications, but are being used with great success by a growing number of doctors that care about results: vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, curcumin, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), vitamin A, quercetin, palmitoyl ethanol (PEA) and elderberry.

A holistically oriented doctor can help determine correct dosages, duration of use, contraindications, possible allergic reactions, etc., before taking any of these. Our health these days depends on maintaining a strong, healthy immune system.

PLEASE NOTE: These suggestions are intended for general public education and not to replace professional medical advice. In case you suffer with any medical diagnosis, or experience COVID 19 related symptoms, please advise with your primary health care provider in regards of what supplementation is best for you.


Arthur I. Cushing, DC, is the owner of Holistic Doctor of Charlotte. For more information, call 704-776-4185 or visit

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