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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

A Massage For Every Body in Charlotte

At Okra Charlotte, each and every client session is treated as a customized approach for that individual. Each body is unique and Okra has designed several customized sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 3.5 hours. The offering includes full-body resets; mind-body reboots; therapeutic Thai bodywork; energy center resets; foot treatments; advanced custom bodywork; hot stone, compress and bamboo treatments; three-hour soul alignments; 3.5-hour triple resets (body, mind and energy centers); bodywork for runners; and all traditional styles of massage and bodywork including Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic and pre-natal. 

Their approach to levels of pressure is customized to the client’s comfort as well as their level of tonicity (tension in the tissues) of each body area. Okra customizes its use of oils to help support pain relief along with freedom of movement and range of motion. Okra also targets any areas of soreness and inflammation that have resulted from workouts and physical activity plus the toxic residue from the stresses of everyday living. Each client confidentially reviews their personal situation with their therapist both before and post-treatment. The therapist may also recommend selected yoga classes and workshops at Okra that may benefit the client's needs.


Location: 1912 Commonwealth Ave., Charlotte. For more information or to make an appointment, call 704-266-1443 or visit  

Okra Yoga - 1912 Commonwealth Ave  Charlotte  NC

Okra Yoga - 1912 Commonwealth Ave , Charlotte , NC

ABOUT Okra – that weird and beautiful underdog of the vegetable kingdom, that odd and gummy and delicious staple of southern cuisine that has, in its time, become a symbol of home for ... Read More » 


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