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Keeping a Healthy pH Balance is Important

A body that is overly acidic can lead to illness. Heartburn, dry skin, dandruff, a burning bladder, gout, stiff and sore joints, or the feeling of constantly being a bit under the weather can all be symptoms of a lifestyle that is generating too much acid.

The average Western diet is often deficient in fruit and vegetables and contains large quantities of animal products and processed foods. This may lead to a build-up of harmful, acid-forming chemicals. While the body has its own amazing pH buffering mechanisms to counteract this, it is unable to do so without essential nutrients and minerals in which our diets are often deficient. This can leave us struggling to maintain the correct pH balance, resulting in excess dietary acid load, which is associated with increased risk for numerous lifestyle-related diseases. 

According to scientists that have researched chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis, the solution to maintaining a healthy pH balance is eating foods that yield more alkali and less acid; in other words, a diet that is high in alkaline-yielding fruits and vegetables—oranges, lemons and pineapples which may seem acidic to our taste buds are alkaline-yielding in the body. In addition to upping our fruit and vegetable intake, we can support the organs responsible for correcting the body’s pH (kidneys, lungs, skin, and colon) with lots of water.


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