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Navigating Mystery of the 5th Dimension Class

David Hulse, Spiritual Leader of the HeartLight Spiritual Center, in Charlotte, will lead a mid-week inspiration class entitled Navigating the Mystery of the 5th Dimension 

MId-week Spiritual Inspiration - start Jan 05 2022 1100AM

MId-week Spiritual Inspiration - start: Jan 05, 2022 11:00AM

Join HeartLight Spiritual Leader David Hulse each Wednesday at 11 AM for a Mid-week Inspiration Hour.  Variety of in-depth topics covered.Join us live in person at HeartLight Spiritual Ce... Read More » 

  from 11 a.m. to noon beginning on January 5. The class will take place weekly on Wednesdays. Attendees will be informed that we are navigating a Great Shift and learn 5D practices that can allow us to focus on breakthrough rather than breakdown, enabling a smoother transition.

“These emotionally charged times are creating polarities which divide us into sides,” says Hulse, who is also founder of SomaEnergetics. “The powers that be don’t care what side we are on as long as we are against one another. There is no polarity in 5th Dimension, but rather an energy of synergy and teamwork. It is time to learn how to go through this transition from a 3D life of separation to a 5D life of oneness and unity.”

Free admission, love offering requested. Location: 7300 Mallard Creek Rd. For more information or to view class via livestream, visit

HeartLight Spiritual Center - 7300 Mallard Creek Rd  Charlotte NC

HeartLight Spiritual Center - 7300 Mallard Creek Rd , Charlotte, NC

Welcome to the HeartLight Spiritual Center! ​​We are a Spirit-Guided, Heart-Centered, Christ-Conscious, Loving Community transforming the world by allowing the Heart-Light Presence of... Read More » 


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