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Charlotte area Caara Kivemaki Offers Specials for Sound Therapy Sessions

A method that is gaining popularity as a modality for better health, Caara, Certified Vibrational Sound Coach, provides sessions that bring together energy and vibration to interact with our molecular structure and bring about balance. She offers free, 15-minute, new client consultations and a 20 percent discount on packages of three sessions. 

Sound therapy offers complementary health techniques that may help facilitate the rejuvenation of one’s mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It has been used for emotional issues, deep relaxation, anxiety, stress, heartbreak and some general physical ailments. It can also bring about clarity, improved sleep, improved creativity and emotional balance.

“Vibrational therapy approaches are effective because they are able to positively influence the human body’s subtle energetic pathways,” says Kivemaki, who has been studying and exploring natural healing and alternative therapies since 1990. She primarily uses tuning forks and has also studied and uses both Soma Energetics and Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code techniques. “These pathways include the meridian system, the chakras and the etheric body. These energetic systems contribute to the final physical expression of the human form in both health and illness.” 

“Therefore, the purpose is to release energetic blockages, creating a free flow of energy, allowing the body to return to balance and heal itself as well as awaken the divine healing energy within.”


For more information or to make an appointment, call 586-291-3320, email  [email protected] or visit

harmonic wisdom - 8405 ewen circle, charlotte, NC

Certified vibrational Sound Coach/Practitioner. Using Solfeggio Tuning Forks to help facilitate balance, change, rejuvenation, and well being in the mind, body and spirit. Caara... Read More » 


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