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Earth Mother Gaia Statues at Mama Bessie’s Place in Charlotte

Mama Bessie’s Place, in Charlotte, has restocked its Earth Mother, Gaia, statues. The piece, designed by sculptor Oberon Zell which includes representations of the evolution of life in the seas and on the land plus the sacred trees of the Celtic tree calendar on her body, can be a highly suitable way to celebrate Earth Day, April 22.

The brochure written by Zell that comes with the statue states in part, “Of Earth I sing, eldest of all and Mother of the Gods… So begins the Homeric Hymn to Gaia, the Earth Mother, Gaia (O Gaea) is the name given by the ancient Greeks to the primordial planetary goddess worshipped by humanity since the dawn of the Stone Age. An even more ancient form of Her name, Ge, is the Root of the names of the Earth sciences, Geology and Geography. 

It also reads, “No matter what language you speak, no matter where on Earth you come from, you can hold Gaia in your hands and hear Her Message. If you live with Her in your home, workplace, school or place of worship, She will Speak to you, too.”  

Zell’s hope is that the piece will inspire us to consider what role we’d like to play in securing Gaia’s future.


Location: 3010 Monroe Rd., Ste. 104. For more information, call 704-632-9911 or email [email protected].

Mama Bessies Place - 3010 Monroe Rd 104 Charlotte NC

Mama Bessie's Place - 3010 Monroe Rd 104, Charlotte, NC

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