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Learn Meridian-Opening Qigong at Empower Life Center in the Charlotte Area

The Empower Life Center, in Charlotte, will present a series of four qigong classes on how to clear and activate the 12 acupuncture energy channels of potential blockages that cause disease from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays from May 3 through 24. Participants may register for individual classes or the series. Attendees will learn the 12 exercises of Meridian Taoist Qigong with one specific qigong exercise taught for each of the 12 energy channels. 

The program also includes an overview of the meridian energy system and the meridian-organ network to identify and resolve early warning signs of chronic disease; and how to use the main acupressure meridian energy points for self-healing, correct specific health disorders through meridian qigong, revitalize our immune system and prevent disease, and activate the pathways for life energy and healing.


Location: 14136 Lancaster Hwy. For more information including cost or to register, call 704-542-8088 or visit

Empower Life Center - 14136 Lancaster Hwy Charlotte NC

Empower Life Center - 14136 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte, NC

We are a mind and body wellness center committed to guiding and empowering the innate ability of your body to heal and experience sustainable wellness. At the Empower Life Center we pr... Read More ยป 


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