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An Uncomfortable Reminder

Apr 29, 2022 06:32PM ● By Shannon Mc Kenzie

This month I find myself in a pickle: I was just diagnosed with shingles, and the area where they chose to manifest on my body is my scalp. (Very considerate, as they are quite unsightly; I know this because my doctor took pictures with my phone.) My head feels itchy and like it’s on fire at the same time, and I am far from comfortable.

Stress is often what triggers shingles, I now understand, and I was feeling particularly stressed last week. This week I’m regretting letting my stress get so out of control, and more than anything I’m realizing the importance of self-care: Understanding situations that cause me stress, and instead of viewing them as something I need to overcome and push through, being open to avoiding or changing those situations to avoid the stress in the first place. Admitting to myself that sometimes that’s OK too.

Wishing you much self-care this month of Mother’s Day, 



P.S. We have two Charlotte-area winners to announce. Ellen Rosenfeld is the winner of the Natural Awakenings Readership Survey Visa gift card, and Susan Bux is the winner of the Natural Awakenings Charlotte New Year’s giveaway featuring prizes from Farm Fresh Carolinas, The Patio Farmer and Soul Love. Congratulations!

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