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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

June 2022 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Men’s Emotions plus Healing Trauma 

FEATURE: The Healing of the Modern Man: Men Redefine Their Emotional Power                 Byline: Marlaina Donato       

The “tough guy” gender roles and cultural expectations that men have taken on for generations have amplified their stress levels, compromised their health and raised their rates of addiction and suicide, but a broader psychosocial view of authentic manhood is slowly emerging. Thanks to changing social mores, guy-friendly mental health resources and virtual and in-person support, more men are taking responsibility for their well-being and stepping up to the plate as strong, sensitive leaders.


HEALING WAYS: Healing Trauma: Emerging Therapies Offer Fresh Hope                      

Byline: Ronica O’Hara                        

For the two in three Americans that report being traumatized by violence, accidents, illnesses and other fearful or painful episodes, new hope for recovery lies in a wide range of cognitive and experiential therapies that help heal what’s been broken. They address not only the old memories but the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual contractions that resulted, using modalities such as talk therapy, tapping acupressure points and yoga. Depending on the person’s needs, talking through the memories may play a major or minor role. This includes a sidebar listing major approaches and contacts for practitioners.


CONSCIOUS EATING: Planet-Friendly Pours: The Rise of Sustainable Wine and Spirits         Byline: Sheila Julson

Bon Appetit reports that sustainable wines and spirits are growing popular, yet consumers wanting to pour an Earth-conscious tipple need a sobering amount of research to sort through what’s truly eco-friendly. More than 70 additives don’t have to be disclosed on wine labels, sustainable certifications are too complicated for small growers to attain and information about such Earth-friendly practices as proper fertilizer use and transportation costs are almost impossible to find. The solutions lie in finding knowledgeable wine shops and searching out sustainable brands.


GREEN LIVING: Unplugged Adventures: Eco-Tripping for a Digital Detox                              Byline: Sheila Julson 

When a quick smartphone check for directions to a park turns into a lengthy scroll through social media, it’s time to seek out outdoor adventures that leave the digital world behind. This might mean camping in remote campgrounds in parks, forests and lakeshores with little to no cell connectivity, and it might also lead us to river rafting, trekking for days on long trails such as the John Muir Trail on the West Coast, or joining others in group volunteer efforts in remote backcountry locations.


FIT BODY: The Exercise Power of E-Bikes: Get a Workout on an Easier Ride                   Byline: Sandra Yeyati 

Logic may lead us to assume that e-bikes provide substantially less of a workout that regular bikes, but new research shows that as long as we’re pedaling, we’re still getting our heart pumping, building stamina and experiencing some of that cardio magic. E-bikes, although requiring les—s effort, still provide sufficient moderate-intensity cardiovascular activity to meet fitness goals. They also enable riders to ride longer and go further, even riders that are older and less-fit, and are given an enthusiastic thumbs-up by those that try them out.


HEALTHY KIDS: Raising Empathic Kids: Why Compassion Matters  

Byline: Carrie Jackson 

While we are all born with a certain amount of empathy, cultivating it is a skill that can be strengthened with practice—especially important for the young. When parents, teachers and others in the community model empathy, children learn that caring for others is an important part of life. Studies show that children that practice empathy are less likely to bully and are better suited to collaborative environments, setting them up for academic and professional success.


NATURAL PET: Misbehaving Dog Walks: Ways Humans Get It Wrong                                        Byline: Karen Shaw Becker

When we’re walking the dog, we assume we’re doing everything right and it’s our furry sidekicks who need correcting. But we’re just as capable of bad behavior during walks as the other way around by not allowing them enough time to sniff the environment, by ignoring their needs and possible threats, by immersing ourselves in the digital world and missing real interaction and by choosing a collar or leash that can cause pain and injury to a dog’s neck.


WISE WORDS: Frank Bruni on Living with Afflictions                                     

Byline: Randy Kambic

The prominent New York Times journalist and op-ed columnist discusses how the loss of sight in one eye opened him to realizing how many people live with afflictions and why it’s important to embrace what we still have rather than dwell on loss. If we all wore “sandwich boards” listing the pain we carry or struggles we’ve survived, he says, we’d be asking “Why not me?” instead of “Why me?”

INSPIRATION: The Gift of an Imperfect Father                                                                           

Byline: Marlaina Donato

Coming to terms with the failings of a flawed father might require decades, but with a shift in perspective, we can realize how their weaknesses might have given us survival tools and resilience. Flipping the coin to examine what they have done right and giving credit where it is deserved can also help us to open that dead-bolted door to forgiveness.


ECO TIP: Eco-Volunteering: Hands-on Ways to Help Our Planet this Summer                       

A win/win opportunity awaits us when we help out nature while also enjoying the outdoors. Ways to do this include organizing local cleanup crews, getting involved in a community garden or volunteering for days or longer periods to work at national, state and local parks.

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