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Everyday Toxins are Multiplying

Plastic water bottles have been linked to low testosterone in males and low libido in both sexes, generating an explosive market for prescribed testosterone. Research shows we have 10,000 times the level of phthalates we did just a decade ago coming from many sources, including plastic water bottles. They are decreasing blood testosterone in both sexes and at all ages.

We need to understand that environmental exposures and accumulations are not confined to lead, mercury, other heavy metals and halides, but we are getting poisoned by endocrine disruptors in the air, food and water. Mothers are downloading their toxins into the baby from conception up to delivery. When nursing, the toxins are disseminated via breast milk. If the baby is on formula, it is even possible for it to be exposed to the phthalates from the containers the formula comes in.

We must be constantly vigilant to detoxify and minimize exposure to these inorganic toxins, including a whole new and severe problem with pesticides, dioxins, PBDE, PCB, Bisphenol A and phthalates. Nutritional detox, foot baths and oral chelation are all important remedies and will need to become an everyday part of our lives to survive. Organic toxins are also carcinogens and neurotoxins, yet the public does not have the facts and testing for these toxins is usually not covered by insurance. The tests are expensive, so most people accept treatment with hormones, which can be a contributor to their overall problem. 

Kenneth Haas, DC, CCSP, is the founder of Haas Wellness Center, located at 3315 Springbank Ln., Ste. 102, in Charlotte. For appointments, more information or to set up a no-charge consultation, call 704-837-2420, email [email protected] or visit

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