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Michael Smith, ND and Founder of Carolinas Natural Health Center, on America's Low T Phenomenon

Jun 07, 2022 07:16PM ● By Michael Smith

Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women.  For both sexes it is key in maintaining muscle mass, energy, motivation, libido, as well as cardiovascular health and cognitive function.  But for us men, it is what makes us men.  We have a lot more testosterone (T) than women do, or used too… 

The issue these days is most men have low T, regardless of their age.   Now guys, if you haven’t had your testosterone levels checked, ask your doctor to do the test, and don’t let them just tell you it’s “normal.”  A normal lab value does not mean healthy or optimal.  An optimal range of testosterone for women is between 20-50 ng/dl, for men it should be 700-900 ng/dl.  I test all men’s T levels and find that most are in the low 300s, with many even lower, regardless of age.  Even guys in their 20s are testing in the 300s.  Most of the time this is never addressed by your doctor because 300 is still considered normal (regardless of age)!  

Men, listen up…  If we don’t have enough testosterone, we will not have the motivation or drive to be the leaders our family needs, we won’t have the muscle strength to support our frame and help physically in our community or at work, and we certainly won’t have the sex drive to fulfill our spouse and procreate as God intended.  

This low T phenomenon is having a significant impact on our family dynamics, and our society.  We need to address the issue at hand, but the cause is not easy to pinpoint.  There are a multitude of changes affecting our T levels.   Many of the chemicals in our world, from plastics to pesticides are estrogen mimickers that suppress testosterone production. The stress we put ourselves under causes an increase in cortisol levels, leading to weight gain, which also suppresses testosterone.   Then our diet is often full of processed foods, unhealthy animals, pesticide laden produce, or containing rancid or GMO oils.  All of these things contribute to lower testosterone levels for both men and women.  Decreasing our energy, causing more weight gain, loss of muscle mass, lower libido, and mental confusion.  

It will not be a bright future for ourselves or our children if we don’t act intentionally, and make specific changes to support healthy testosterone levels again.  

Here are some tips: 

1. Create healthy relationships with other men.  Spending healthy time with other men can help boost testosterone levels.  Join a men’s group, or bible study, find a hobby to connect with other men with similar interests, check out F3 - a local men’s group committed to helping men be better men, through fitness, fellowship, and faith. 

2. Lift weights.  Doing weight training or resistance training helps to build muscle, which helps to increase testosterone levels.  This doesn’t have to be heavy weight lifting, I’m a big fan of body weight exercises.  Ie. push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, pull-ups, etc.  Develop a routine and start, even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day, EVERYDAY!

3. Change your diet.  Throw out the junk processed foods.  Choose organic whenever possible to avoid excess chemicals. Eat wild animals, or animals raised in a way God intended.  Ie. Grass-fed and grass-finished cows, pasture raised chickens, wild venison or elk, wild cold-water fish. 

Dr. Michael Smith is a naturopathic physician at Carolinas Natural Health Center, located at 6404 Bannington Rd., Ste. A, in Charlotte. For more information, call 704-486-2448 or visit

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