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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

October 2022 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte

October Healthy Planet Issue

Feature: Sustainable Sanctuaries: Supporting Human and Planetary Health at Home

Byline: Sandra Yeyati    

When homes became our safe shelters during the pandemic, many families reconfigured their living spaces to accommodate new uses. This spirit of renewal is prompting fresh thinking on how houses can promote both human and planetary health. Practical strategies include adding insulating walls and caulking windows to conserve energy; installing low-water-flow bathroom fixtures, recycling water and switching out turf grass for native vegetation to conserve water; using building materials and furnishings free of dangerous chemicals and sourcing them locally when possible; investing in quality furniture made of natural materials or recycled plastic; and building with the future in mind by adding wiring for photovoltaic panels or electric vehicle charging. With a sidebar on third-party eco-certifiers and helpful websites. 


Healthy Ways: Conservative Dentistry: Why Less Is More in Tooth Repair

Byline: Linda Sechrist 

Whether it is referred to as conservative dentistry, biological dentistry or biomimetic dentistry, the word that precedes the practice is important because it specifies a particular approach that is best not just for teeth but for the whole body. Conservative dentists use the latest biocompatible materials to preclude allergic reactions, and they remove only a minimum of healthy tooth structure during restorative processes like fillings and crowns. This evolving approach helps avoid complications with root canals, fractures and extractions.


Fit Body: The Joy of Movement: Dancing Makes Us Happier and Healthier

Byline: Marlaina Donato      

Whether it’s salsa, hip-hop, belly dance or ballet, finding our groove has been proven to ease depression, support the cardiovascular system and improve overall joint function. It also brings more fun and sociability into our lives, and contrary to common assumption, it’s not just for the young and the limber. Ballroom, social foxtrot and waltz are good starter dance types, and then it’s easy to progress to Latin, cha-cha and rumba. 


Healthy Kids: Greening Schoolyards: Concrete Jungles Become Natural Playgrounds

Byline: Sheila Julson    

Skipping rope or shooting hoops have traditionally been enjoyed by kids on asphalt-paved schoolyards enclosed by chain-link fences, but in the last two decades, civic and school leaders have been transforming such areas into verdant spaces that offer shade trees, native plantings, and rainwater retention features. The mini-parks offer students chances for hands-on learning and they also create natural ecosystems for migrating birds and insects. In urban areas like New York City, the schoolyards are often open to the public after school hours, offering much-needed greenery, ball fields and benches for neighbors to enjoy.


Wise Words: Nadine Clopton on Advancing Regenerative Organic Agriculture to Healthcare    Byline: Kirby Baldwin  

The Rodale Institute, which has long led the effort to promote regenerative organic farming, is drawing public attention to regenerative heathcare, which directly connects soil health to human health. Project Director Nadine Clopton discusses how healing the soil is prerequisite to healing ourselves and why it’s important for our agriculture and healthcare systems to talk with one another, starting with an upcoming, first-of-its-kind conference at Rodale’s farm that will demonstrate soil health to leading healthcare practitioners.  

Conscious Eating: Fall Beets: Versatile Leaf-to-Root Eats

Byline: April Thompson      

Nutritious, colorful and flavorful, beets are quite the package deal. This easy-to-grow, multi-season vegetable is packed with nutritional heft and can be enjoyed raw, roasted, boiled or pickled. It can be sliced for chips, pureed into soup, roasted for a side dish, shredded raw into salad, juiced into a smoothie or incorporated into a rich dessert. With recipes for Beet, Greens and Goat Cheese Linguine, Beet Chips with Sea Salt and Smoked Paprika, Beet Hummus, and Kale and Beet Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette.


Green Living: Reducing EMF Risks: Ways to Reduce Radiation Exposure

Byline: Carrie Jackson    

In today’s busy world, we are tied to our devices and can connect on our phones, tablets and computers from anywhere. But this convenience comes at a cost: Our devices are constantly emitting electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, and radiofrequency radiation (RFs), which have been linked to neurological, cardiac and pulmonary diseases. We can reduce the risks by becoming aware of any physical symptoms; by reducing exposure to Wi-Fi and other EMF sources; and by electrical rewiring and radiofrequency shielding in our homes to block EMFs.


Natural Pet: Happy Halloween – for Pets Too: Nine Ways to Keep a Dog or Cat Safe

Byline: Karen Shaw Becker

The fun of Halloween holds hazards for our pets, but we can head off trouble by keeping dogs and cats away from chocolate and other candy, sugar-free xylitol treats, raisins, candy wrappers, and candles and glow sticks. Scary human costumes may make animals aggressive, constantly ringing doorbells and a stream of strangers can overstimulate them, and if they’re dressed up in costumes themselves, they can get overheated. Also take precautions to make sure a frightened or adventurous pet doesn’t slip out the door during that special night.

Inspiration: Inviting the Wild                                                                      

Byline: Marlaina Donato 

Having an indoor haven touched with nature’s balm takes the edge off the work-at-home days, the can’t-catch-a-breath days and the won’t-stop-raining days. Bringing a bit of the outside indoors can be as simple as placing pine branches or wild rose hips on a windowsill, a photo of spring cherry trees or a turquoise beach on the wall, or a jar on the desk filled with dried garden basil or sweet grass clippings to give us a breath of summer all year long.


Eco Tip: The Helping Nature of Houseplants         

Nothing adds beauty and interest to a home quite like a living plant. Bringing nature indoors also has numerous human health advantages: they oxygenate the air, eliminate toxins, humidify the indoor environment, enhance our mood and help with our productivity. With tips for choosing the right plants for pets and indirect lighting, and for watering plants properly.



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