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Charlotte Area Noble Thomas on How City Water Treatment May Contribute to Breast Cancer

Sep 30, 2022 02:32PM ● By Noble Thomas

U.S. National Institutes of Health article concludes that insufficient iodine represents a plausible explanation for increasing rates of breast cancer in younger women with distant metastasis. Healthy breasts need iodine, but compounds such as chlorine, bromine and fluoride can form haloacetic acids in city water supplies and negatively affect iodine absorption. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency allows .060 milligrams per liter. Some local water supplies have reported higher levels at the faucet.

The closer to the treatment plant, the more likely residents are to have a higher exposure and higher effect from haloacetic acids. Water can be tested by a quality lab to know whether it is affected. A filter can be put in place to decrease exposure, and any deficiencies can be corrected. Individuals can also have their urine or blood checked for haloacetic acid levels, which may also contribute to weight gain.


Noble Thomas is a clinical pharmacist board-certified in anti-aging medicine at TrueCare Health and Wellness. They specialize in body contouring, weight loss and overall wellness using a functional medicine approach, and are located at 6477 Morehead Rd., in Harrisburg. For more information, call 704-909-0355, email [email protected] or visit

True Care Health and Wellness - 6487 Morehead Rd Harrisburg NC

True Care Health and Wellness - 6487 Morehead Rd, Harrisburg, NC

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