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Saving Time and Money in New Home Design and Build in Charlotte

Building and/or designing a home is a significant investment in time and money. Making sure that choices are sustainable, eco-friendly, classic, and beautiful helps ensure a wise investment of one’s resources. The full-service new build and interior design services provided by Claudia Josephine Design, located in South Charlotte, also saves homeowners time and stress when designing their home by offering procurement and installation services.

Company owner and principal designer Claudia Ricciardone says, “We develop a comprehensive design plan that includes all the details, such as hard finishes, interior architecture, and paint colors, prior to construction. This prevents costly construction delays. Because we strive for a sense of timelessness in our designs, we avoid trendy finishes that date easily. This goal of longevity in our designs means that a home won’t need to be remodeled just because trends have changed.”

This Certified Green Accredited Professional, Maria Killam True Color Expert and member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council adds that her firm help clients who “want a beautifully decorated home but may not have the time or skills required to create a well-designed space.” 

When designing a space, Claudia Josephine Design offers considerable customization using high-quality products, allowing them to focus on choosing eco-friendly and non-toxic options. 


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Claudia Josephine Design - NA Charlotte NC

Claudia Josephine Design - NA, Charlotte, NC

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