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Adrienne Craighead, co-owner of Torchbearer Tachyon, with Tools for Alleviating Anxiety

Nov 14, 2022 05:07PM ● By Adrienne Craighead

Have you felt an extraordinary increase in anxiety lately?  You are not alone!

Your morning starts with stress. You open your eyes and remember where you are and what day it is and crippling anxiety creeps into your heart - the kind of persistent fear that makes everyday tasks nearly impossible. Your day continues with headaches. Arguments with friends and family. Sore back and neck. Conflicts and problems and increasing dissatisfaction at work. Hair loss and stomach cramps. You name it.  You struggle to fall asleep at night - and when morning rolls around you press snooze a dozen times before dragging yourself out of bed.  Sound familiar?  

What’s more is that psychologists, therapists and other health professionals are overwhelmed as well - and, if you’re fortunate enough to have insurance that covers their services - they may not be accepting new patients - or they are booked for months in advance. You hear daily that this “mental health crises” is the true pandemic.   

It’s no mistake that you stumbled upon this guest blog post - right here and right now. Whether consciously (or unconsciously), you’ve been getting lots of signals that you need to slow down - and this article was created just for you, so keep reading and see if this scenario resonates . . .

Like you, I’ve  grown increasingly concerned about the state of our world. Politics that divide us. Finances that strike fear in us. Health challenges that derail us and misinformation that threatens the very planet we call home.  You know you need to relax more. And eat better. And who has time for exercise these days anyway? But work and home demands are piling up and your social life has become less of a blessing and more of a burden. You’re burned out, overwhelmed and just plain want a break from the rat race that’s become your everyday existence. 

Just know that you are not alone. We are all connected - and everyone you meet craves a more mindful (and meaningful) life experience.  

In fact, the three scientists who were just awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics (Oct 2022) just spent 10+ years proving that we are all connected through Quantum Entanglement!  So each of us not only feels our own stressors, but that anxiety is also compounded by everyone else's fears! That fact is no longer debatable, it’s now proven. The drastic increase in stress and anxiety is a shared experience AND a shared responsibility to each other to find relief!

Are you ready for the good news? Keep reading…

In 2019, I hit such a wall with stress and anxiety. Perimenopause with ALL the symptoms, a malfunctioning thyroid, work issues, financial stresses, family friction, oh my! I was struggling from every possible angle with so much anxiety I was willing to try anything. After exhausting all the offerings of traditional “mainstream” therapy, I took the matter of finding a sustainable solution into my own hands. I needed relief and I needed hope. I found the promise of peace in things I had never tried before - and began a journey to awakening that has absolutely changed the course of my life in extraordinary ways!

While it has not been easy - I have been supported and encouraged along the way by wonderful teachers, healers and guides that had already found peace and joy.  From Reiki to Hypnosis, to Float Tanks, Massage and Meditation, you name it, I tried it all.  I began to fill my toolbox with all the right tools to tell my anxiety that it wasn’t the boss of me, that I was in control.  When traditional therapy let me down, I turned to the welcoming arms of the metaphysical world and I am so happy I did. I became truly open to all things and while anxiety still peeks it ugly head in from time to time, I feel I have everything I need to find the calm I deserve - that all of us deserve.  

One of the most serendipitous parts of my journey was stumbling upon tachyons while researching all these possible remedies for depression and anxiety.   I was so determined to find relief for myself and my loved ones that I traveled many hours to experience my first tachyon chamber in the spring of 2021. My goal was simple: see if tachyons were worth adding to my toolbox of self-care remedies. To my absolute delight, I walked away having had a truly transcendent experience that helped me regain my physical balance, mental peace and spiritual alignment.  Since my first experience, I have also visited other chambers, always finding the same results.  But, with these tachyon options all located several hours away, adding tachyon treatments to a consistent routine was very challenging.  This lack of accessibility illuminated a clear path - find a way to bring the extraordinary power of tachyons to Charlotte. 

As you know, there are lots of ways to explore your inner world and create your personal roadmap to a life you love and TorchBearer Tachyon is just one of them. In fact, we regularly recommend yoga for flexibility and balance and pilates for strength and stamina to clients. We adore essential oils and visits to the massage therapist too. We’ve uncovered wonderful hypnotists and chiropractors and a bevy of talented healers who provide acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Many people find solutions in Ayurvedic medicine, a plant-based diet and/or a commitment to a spiritual path that fits their worldview. Simply finding and spending time with a community that loves and supports you is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give yourself.

What is in your toolbox?

Imagine a refreshed you - that pauses to enjoy the warmth and flavor of your favorite morning beverage. That smiles at the grocery store clerk and keeps calm in the traffic jam. That doesn’t forget to call your best friend on her birthday. Plus you have more JOY in life. More heart-felt conversations and belly laughs. And magical moments and memories . . . oh the things you’ll witness and remember are just the start of a new way of life for you.

Despite very few of our friends or neighbors knowing what tachyons are (much less how they can benefit humankind) I was so inspired to bring this extraordinary experience to our community. I felt so strongly that Charlotte was not only ready for this modality - but also desperately in need of this bridge to a better you. I am proud to report that there are dozens of chambers across the globe today - and honored for TorchBearer Tachyon to join their noble ranks having celebrated its official opening on Lion’s Gate 8/8/22.  We created TorchBearer Tachyon to provide a bridge to a better life. We believe that all the ingredients to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life already exist INSIDE of you and just need to be unlocked and connected in a meaningful way.

I believe that we are all children of the same Creator - and this benevolent Source planted a spark of Divinity into every single one of us. YOU can find and nurture that spark - and one way to do it is to practice listening to (and following) your intuition.  I hope that you will find the same benefits I have with tachyons as a part of my healing toolbox from extreme anxiety.  

It’s Time to FEEL BETTER - What are you waiting for?

Adrienne Craighead is co-owner of Torchbearer Tachyon, located at 20200 Zion Ave, Ste 11 in Cornelius. For more information, visit or call 980-689-1803.

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