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Wipe Out Waste: Ask A Meck County Expert - Less Is More this Holiday Season - December 2022

 Give More by Using Less this Holiday Season

The average U.S. household produces 30 percent more waste during the holiday season. 

During the holidays, please consider sustainability to reduce waste by following these four tips:

1.     Buy gifts that do not require wrapping or wrap gifts with the comic pages or other reusable paper.

2.     When shopping, take reusable bags to reduce packaging.

3.     Make decorations out of recycled or natural materials.

4.     Use cloth napkins and washable flatware and skip the paper towels. The landfill will be glad you did.

This holiday season, consider using less stuff and always Recycle Right. 

For more program information about recycling, waste diversion or anything else related to waste, visit To submit a waste disposal and recycling question, email [email protected]. Director of Solid Waste Jeff Smithberger answers the top seven residential recycling questions at

Mecklenburg Solid Waste - 2145 Suttle Ave Charlotte NC

Mecklenburg Solid Waste - 2145 Suttle Ave, Charlotte, NC

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