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January 2023 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte



Feature: Paradigm Shift in Health Care 

Healing Ways: More than Skin DeepHealing the Heartbreak of Psoriasis

Byline: Lorraine Maita                                  

Psoriasis, an autoimmune condition of the skin affecting 3 percent of Americans, includes these symptoms: scaly, itchy, inflamed and peeling skin; aching joints; burning genitals; broken nails; and depression. It’s associated with psoriatic arthritis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, autoimmune thyroiditis, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, lymphoma and cardiovascular disease. Traditional treatments with steroids and immunosuppressive drugs cause harsh side effects. A functional medicine approach recommends modulating the reaction to stress, eliminating toxins and trauma, improving diet to heal the gut, reducing inflammation throughout the body and supplementing with vital nutrients. 


Conscious Eating: Cooling the Fire Within: Health Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Byline: Tom O’Bryan                             

An anti-inflammatory diet has been shown to extend life expectancy in people as old as 80. Chronic inflammation is the leading cause of death in Americans. Recommendations include eating whole grains, legumes, fish, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and a handful of nuts, while reducing consumption of red and processed meats, sugary drinks and refined grains. Also look to reduce toxin load by consuming organic and regenerative organic foods. The article includes recipes for artichoke and spinach Greek omelet, curry chicken salad and zucchini pasta with salmon and artichoke.


Fit Body: Fitness DeliveredBenefits of an In-Home Personal Trainer

Byline: Kirby Baldwin                                   

A common New Year’s resolution—to adopt healthy habits—is too often dropped at the six-month mark. We lose steam because of unrealistic expectations and our failure to keep track of our progress. An in-home personal trainer may be the perfect way to stick to fitness goals long term. Benefits include individually tailored workouts in the comfort of home with professional accountability and motivation, saving time not having to commute to the gym and privacy for those that feel self-conscious about exercising in front of other people. Recommendations are offered for finding the right trainer and saving money by inviting a few friends to join in for a semi-private experience.


Healthy Kids: Health in a Smile: A Holistic Solution to Impaired Mouth Syndrome in Children

Byline: Brooke Goode                   

One of the first things we notice when we meet someone is their smile, which explains why children with crowded teeth might be self-conscious when they encounter new people. But Impaired Mouth Syndrome (IMS), a prevalent ailment that affects up to 84 percent of kids, goes beyond cosmetic concerns. It involves a deficiency in jaw growth, stunted facial features, narrowing of the airway, poor sleep and learning and behavioral problems. Hope comes via a new brand of whole-health dentists known as Airway-centered Mouth Doctors that helps kids—with the active participation of their families—to adopt bone-building diets, practice mouth and breathing exercises and use customized, retainer-like oral appliances that spur normal jaw growth and alignment.


Wise Words: Milton Mills on Optimizing Health with a Plant-Based Diet

Byline: Julie Marshall                       

A graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Mills practices internal medicine and critical care in underserved communities in and around Washington, D.C. He advocates for a whole-food, plant-based diet; the elimination of animal-derived dairy; and racial equality in federal nutrition policy. In this interview, he explains why vegan, dairy-free meals are so healthy; how to stick to a meatless diet when the memory of mom’s delicious pork chops linger; how school lunch programs in underserved communities are racially biased when they fail to offer kids alternatives to dairy; and the spiritual reasons to stop harming animals through factory farming. 


Green Living: The Perils of Plastic Clothing: Embracing Slow Fashion and Sustainable Fabrics

Byline: Sandra Yeyati                   

In 2021, polyester—a petroleum-derived textile—comprised 54 of all fabrics. Because it is inexpensive, it drives the fast fashion industry, leading to 92 million tons of discarded clothing every year globally. In America, 85 percent of textiles are tossed. Plastic clothes are terrible for the environment. They produce greenhouse gases at every stage of their long lives and release marine-killing microfibers when washed. Alternatives are discussed, including lyocell made of sustainably sourced wood cellulose; organic or recycled cotton, linen and hemp; plant-based leather; peace silk; responsibly harvested wool; and recycled polyester. The best solution is to reduce the consumption of new clothing, buy longer-lasting garments and shop secondhand.


Natural Pet: Hidden Dangers in Pet FoodThe Scary Truth About Toxic Ingredients

Byline: Karen Becker            

Ultra-processed pet food contain toxins that go unnoticed because pet food manufacturers aren’t required to conduct quality control testing. Among the biggest culprits are arsenic, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyl and polybromiated biphenyl ether, bisphenol A, dioxins and aflatoxin. The article explains where these poisons come from and how they end up in pet food and also recommends detoxification methods for each. The best solution is to make your own pet food or choose brands that contain human-grade ingredients and employ quality control testing for contaminants. 


Inspiration: Welcoming the Unknown

Byline: Marlaina Donato              

Ushering in a new year can be filled with hope, but it can also feel as daunting as a blank sheet of paper. Dreading the unknown can be a self-sabotaging habit that keeps us wishing instead of living. Resist the urge to recount past mistakes or clutch onto what is familiar. Instead of feeling resistance, fear and anxiety, embrace eager curiosity and possibility. Recommendations include: doing one new thing per month, witnessing the sunrise, refreshing the kitchen and noticing surroundings that might have gone unnoticed before. 


Eco Tip: End the Mailing Madness             394 words

Junk mail, a wasteful and unsustainable practice, is responsible for 1 billion pounds of waste in landfills each year, as well as the destruction of 100 million trees and the use of 28 billion gallons of water and enough energy to power more than 9 million cars. Recommendations include cancelling printed mail catalogs, reaching out to the Ocean Futures Society which will contact 20 to 35 direct mail companies for you and supporting the legislative ban of junk mail altogether, as has been done in various countries.


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