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Enroll in 40-Day Transformation Weight Loss Program

As aiming to lose some pounds is an ever-popular New Year’s Resolution, Lidia Adkins, CFMP, DC, PKT, founder and CEO of Carolinas Weight Loss Institute, in Gastonia, suggests January is an ideal time to enroll in her 40-Day Transformation program. Physician-designed, highly affordable with no packaged foods, shots or stimulant drugs that’s administered to meet the unique metabolism needs of each individual, she attests that it achieves higher than normal success rates because it’s individualized and not generic. 

The process consists of a free consultation with Adkins during which a proprietary metabolic analysis is conducted; creating a customized program based on the client’s unique metabolic type; and prescribing a custom natural nutritional formulation to enhance one’s unique metabolism. 

“Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those diets where we take away every food you love,” says Adkins. “Your success simply requires you to follow our customized step-by-step plan. Although there are obvious benefits to exercise, it is not a vital component. Once we turn on your metabolism, it is not necessary to exercise excessively. It’s built on the framework of your unique metabolism which makes the process very scientific. Our patients experience rapid weight loss that stays off.”


Location: 216 S. New Hope Rd. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 704-271-9757 or visit


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