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Healing Energy of EESystem Now Open in Kannapolis

Sonny and Leslie Carl, managers of Scalar Health Enhancement Center, a project of the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church, opened a facility in the Kannapolis area in late December that’ll provide its Energy Enhancement System (EESystem). Designed by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the EESystem uses scalar energy and other bio-active energy fields for frequency healing results that support a healthy body, mind and spirit. Her recent interview with Jason Shurka went viral and now centers are opening throughout the country. 

The EESystem technology, that has been reviewed and researched by many leading doctors, physics professionals and other scientists, has been presented at many medical, scientific and other health conferences including the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and the Radiation Oncology Committee Meeting. 

According to Sonny Carl, by immersing in the 5th Dimensional Healing Zone that the EESystem produces, our body is unbounded by the restrictions of our perceived reality and can release energy from the blocks that keep it from operating at optimum efficiency. The result is that each time we inhabit the healing zone, our body is able to reach ever closer to its divine blueprint—physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Cost: $45/hour. To arrange for a session, visit; the center address (private residence) is included with the appointment receipt. For more information, also call 704-920-0963 or 704-490-5483 and email [email protected] or [email protected]

Scalar Health Enhancement Center - 6175 Pagemont Rd Kannapolis NC

Scalar Health Enhancement Center

Opening November 2022 in Kannapolis. Sessions by Appointment ONLY! When you enter the Scalar Health Enhancement Center, you enter a space where the 5th Dimension isn’t just a theory, ... Read More » 


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