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Okra Charlotte Hosts New Morning Metabolic Yoga Classes

Brittany Elgin, a yoga instructor with Okra Charlotte, is now offering new, one-hour Morning Metabolic classes at 6:45 and 8 a.m. each weekday. In the same spirit that yoga gives us the body we are meant to have, this program provides us the body we want to have. 

This interval-style program, a combination of HIIT/Sculpt, vinyasa and breath work, focuses on supercharging our body’s metabolism and immune system while encouraging excess post-exercise oxygen consumption—the natural body response to oxygen deprivation during strenuous exercise wherein O2 is restricted and then made up for after a period of rest—leading to increased metabolism, and subsequently, more focused weight loss.

As a “morning cup of yoga” to energize the youth within us, Elgin will direct participants to move, flow and breathe for 20 vigorous minutes, rest for 10 mindful minutes and then repeat. She also utilizes doTERRA and its new MetaPWR line of essential oils, supplements and powders which are also available for purchase.  


Drop-in cost $16; memberships and class packages are also available. Location: 1912 Commonwealth Ave. For more information or to register, call 704-266-1443 or visit

Okra Yoga - 1912 Commonwealth Ave  Charlotte  NC

Okra Yoga - 1912 Commonwealth Ave , Charlotte , NC

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