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Three Main Reasons to Grow Food at Home

Erin Hostetler, owner of The Patio Farmer, provides three main reasons why “growing food at home this spring is the perfect pastime.” She offers consultations, installations, maintenance, weekly deliveries and subscriptions to help clients throughout the Charlotte region grow food in all locales including in container gardens, raised beds, community gardens, in-ground garden beds, small farms or homesteads.

She first cites “Love at first bite. The taste of homegrown vegetables (and fruits and herbs) is unparalleled!” Hostetler then offers that “You love spending time outside. Our edible plants are social creatures. They enjoy spending time with you, just as much as you do with them. Tending to our growing spaces is a great way to breathe in fresh air and soak up some vitamin D on a daily basis.” Her third major reason is that “You seek more joy in your life. I swear, plant people are happy people. Grow something this spring and see if you catch the joy bug.”

To arrange for a consultation, visit For more information, email [email protected] or visit

The Patio Farmer - 9042 Mount HollyHuntersville Road Huntersville NC

The Patio Farmer - 9042 Mount HollyHuntersville Road, Huntersville, NC

The Patio Farmer provides Consultations, Installation assistance and custom Maintenance Plans to help YOU grow food at home, no matter what kind of space you have! Farmer Erin tailors her... Read More » 


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