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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

April 2023 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte


FEATURE: A New Dawn on the Farm Front: Stepping Away From Industrialized Agriculture  

Summary: Because agriculture is controlled by a handful of multinational corporations, the priority to maximize profits often conflicts with what is best for human and planetary health. In many ways, our food production and consumption practices are broken or on the brink of failure. Viable, achievable solutions to these immense challenges exist, and the emerging consensus is that regenerative organic agriculture is the key to preserve human health and help solve the climate crisis.The time is right to make positive changes to the way we grow, distribute and consume food.  

WISE WORDS: Jeff Moyer on Farming for Human and Planetary Health 

Summary: Jeff Moyer is CEO of Rodale Institute, which champions regenerative organic agriculture through scientific research, farmer-support programs and consumer education. On Earth Day, he plans to retire after dedicating 47 years to the influential nonprofit. Under his leadership and as a member of the Regenerative Organic Alliance, Rodale Institute helped develop a Regenerative Organic Certified standard that expands USDA Certified Organic requirements to include soil health, animal welfare and social fairness pillars.  


CONSCIOUS EATING: Sustainable Eating: Tips to Shrink Your Foodprint 

Summary: Knowing which foods have the least environmental impact is not always easy. To get a fuller picture of our food-related environmental impacts, we need to take into consideration the many variables associated with the production, transportation and consumption of food, and that’s where the “foodprint” comes in—a barometer of eco-friendliness.


HEALTHY KIDS: Kid-Approved Autism Diets: Strategies to Optimize Nutrition and Acceptance 

Summary: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by challenges with social interaction and communication. For parents of children with autism, learning to manage this condition requires a multidimensional approach, including consideration of food and nutrition. A personalized, nutritious diet can help manage behavioral problems, health risks and quality of life for kids with autism.  


GREEN LIVING: The Winds of Change: Young Activists Pursue Climate Justice and Green Living 

Summary: Born in the mid-to-late 1990s up to the early 2010s, Generation Z environmental activists agree that urgent action is needed to achieve climate justice, and they’re willing to do what it takes to get results.


FIT BODY: Muscular Maintenance 101: How to Repair Muscles After Exercise 

Summary: In any fitness regimen, rest and muscle recovery are just as important as strength training or cardio workouts. Allowing our body to heal micro-tears and inflammation after strenuous exercise readies muscles for subsequent training sessions. By strategically planning a muscle recovery regimen, we optimize performance and reduce injury risk.  


HEALING WAYS: Toxic Overload: How to Clean Our Water, Food and Indoor Air 

Summary: Toxins are in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chemical Substances Control Inventory shows the magnitude of our potential exposure, listing more than 86,000 industrial chemicals that are manufactured or processed in this country. Despite regulations and safety protocols, a number of these dangerous compounds run off into waterways or are released into the atmosphere. Food manufacturers use some of them to preserve or beautify their products.


NATURAL PET: Outdoor Safety for Pets: Helpful Tips to Navigate Hazards 

Summary: Whether lounging in the backyard, taking a walk around the neighborhood or venturing out to a dog park, our awareness of potential dangers is important. Despite the risks, there is no reason to keep pets cooped up. With diligence, protecting our furry best friends can become second nature as we safely enjoy the great outdoors together with our pets.


INSPIRATION: The Earth as Muse: Inspiration Meets Conservation          

Summary: The Earth is both our mother and our muse, sustaining our lives and blessing us with beauty when we make time to notice her perpetual creative forces. She has long inspired expressive souls of all disciplines, but some of our modern innovators are merging talent with the urgent need to minimize toxic impact. This eco-vision has resulted in some awe-inspiring efforts.


ECOTIP: Sustainable Grocery Shopping  

SummaryThere are many ways to be environmentally responsible when shopping for food. Here are a few tips. 

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