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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

May 2023 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte


FEATURE: Solving Stress - Holistic Tips From Lifestyle Doctors

Summary: Medicine is changing as a new class of doctors endeavors to treat the whole person rather than the symptoms of disease, helping their patients achieve optimal health with lifestyle changes, medicine, herbs, supplements and modalities tailored to the individual. No longer reaching for a prescription pad as often, these functional and integrative physicians are spending an average of 45 minutes per office visit. Using their sleuthing skills and innovative skillsets, they ask probing questions about a patient’s current lifestyle and history, pinpoint the root cause of a problem and craft customized solutions. 


WISE WORDS: Carol Penn on Finding Calm in a Chaotic World 

Summary: Dr. Carol Penn, double board-certified in family and obesity medicine, is a movement, meditation and mindset coach who teaches people to prioritize self-care to achieve their best and highest selves. She is certified in mind-body medicine, fitness and personal training, yoga and qigong, and draws inspiration and wisdom from a previous career as a dancer and dance educator with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Penn is the author of Meditation in a Time of Madness: A Guidebook for Talented Tweens, Teens, Their Parents and Guardians Who Need to Thrive.  


CONSCIOUS EATING: Sustainable Eating: Taking Control of Our Hormones - Nutritional Tips to Support the Delicate Balance  

SummaryKeeping these hormones in proper balance is critical for health, and imbalances can lead to a wide range of effects, including diabetes, thyroid disease, unintended weight fluctuations, skin problems, fatigue, mood swings and infertility. While inactivity, stress, age and genetics impact hormone production, our food choices can significantly tip the scales. 


HEALTHY KIDS: Microplastic Overload - Reducing Childhood Exposure 

SummaryExposure to plastics, microplastics and nanoplastics is a lifelong inevitability. Researchers are investigating the human health impacts of these synthetic materials, and while we have a growing picture of potential risks, additional scientific exploration is needed to know how petroleum-based polymers affect kids. Though it is impossible to hide from plastics, much can be done to limit children’s exposure


GREEN LIVING: Gardening Therapy - Healing Mind, Body and Spirit in the Yard 

SummaryGardening outdoors adds color and texture to yards and neighborhoods, and with the right plants, attracts pollinators, whose numbers are declining. It also can improve human health. The exercise, sunshine and fresh air promote mental and physical health, and so does our contact with soil microbes and the harmonious patterns of nature.   


FIT BODY: Skin Fitness - Daily Routines for a Radiant Appearance 

SummaryWhile many of us work out to tone our muscles, we may be neglecting the largest organ in the body: our skin. Every day, it is exposed to a variety of irritants, including ultraviolet rays, air pollution, extreme weather and highly processed foods. Stress can also cause skin irritations and conditions. To serve its important functions and look healthy, our skin needs a fitness regimen. With a few daily routines, lifestyle modifications and coping strategies, a radiant appearance is within reach. 


HEALING WAYS: First Signs of Menopause - How to Resolve Vaginal Dryness 

SummaryWhen The New York Times and National Geographic cover the subject of menopause in the same calendar year, perhaps it’s a sign that the inevitable phase of a woman’s life that ushers in vaginal dryness, irregular periods, hot flashes, brain fog, mood swings, night sweats, sleep problems, decreased sex drive and weight gain is finally getting the attention it deserves. Today, integrative and functional doctors, researchers and continuing education instructors are leading the charge to provide innovative and customized answers for women experiencing vaginal dryness and other hormone-related symptoms.  


NATURAL PET: Bringing the Bounce Back - Integrative Treatments for Pets With Mobility Issues 

SummaryBefore considering surgery or other invasive treatments, integrative pet mobility and rehabilitation (IPMR) might be a good way to help a pet regain its vitality without going under the knife. It is a holistic approach to helping pets recover from injuries, manage pain and improve mobility that combines various techniques to provide a comprehensive and personalized plan for each pet.  


INSPIRATION: The Divine Messiness of Motherhood

SummaryThe pitter-patter of little feet is one of life’s most beautiful blessings, but motherhood has always been a challenging role. In today’s world, the calling is more complicated than ever, and the average Mama Bear has a lot on her many plates. Despite support systems, juggling it all is often an obstacle course moms navigate behind closed doors.


ECOTIP: Earth-Friendly Delights for Mom  

SummaryThis year, consider putting an ecological spin on Mother’s Day by showering her with gifts that honor Mother Earth. Here are some sustainable gifting ideas.  

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