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Affirmation Exercises and Communicating with Spirit

May 31, 2023 09:35AM ● By Kelle Sutliff

We all know how important powerful intentions can be. They are part of our manifesting and implementing “the good” into our future. It is also a process to get rid of the negative situations in our life so that we don’t carry that energy with us in this lifetime. Remember that the connection to this guidance is like our best friend. It communicates with us to provide healing and protection, making us feel settled and complete. It’s only when we ask can we receive.

When spirit speaks within us, be prepared to listen and act. Affirmations are some of the best ways to achieve these goals.

Try these, and feel free to make your own:

“When I face fears in my life, I no longer accept its weak behavior. I am strong, I am strength … and so it is.”

“My new vocabulary is flow. I am accomplished in my goals … and so it is.”

“I am accepting divine order in my life. I will be patient with the outcomes and when I receive these outcomes, I will be thankful …. and so it is.”

“I acknowledge that hate is an emotion, but I refuse to have hate define my soul … and so it is.”

“If I felt worthless during a tragedy in my life, I accept the lesson, but the tragedy does not define me. Only I can define me. I am resilient … and so it is.”

“When my physical body and mental body has challenges, say to yourself daily, ‘I am healthy and I am whole … and so it is.’”

“I am protected by spiritual light from God every day … and so it is.”

“My children are good citizens and having happiness, love and accomplishment in their lives … and so it is.”

“My freedoms are sovereign and are protected so that I can provide for myself, my family and the good of mankind … and so it is.”

“We are free within society of oppressive restrictions and our world has freedom for our highest and best good … and so it is.”

“I am no longer selfish and I see the needs of others so that I can be a really good human … and so it is.”

“My life path is all that and more. I thank ahead of time of all this abundance that is in my life … and so it is.”

“As hard as it is to accept change, I have accepted it. Now, I prosper within all of this new opportunity … and so it is.”

“My intuitive leadership is on fire … and so it is.”

“I do not blame anyone for my choices. I have overcome being a victim … and so it is.”

“I am one heck of a business executive. I am recognized for my accomplishments at my workplace … and so it is.”

 “I am protected by my ancestors; my guides everywhere I go. I am so thankful for their protection … and so it is.”

“My land, my home, my country is protected always from evil … and so it is.”

“I am protected from false information and I have the courage and integrity to know the difference … and so it is.”

“I am relaxed. I am no longer kinetic, so I can receive my answers to my questions from spirit … and so it is.”

“I give a sign to a passed loved one today and I am aware now to receive it … and so it is.”

“I am listening to my psychic instinct as it guides me into perfect decision making … and so it is.”

“I am no longer a dandelion; I am a rose blooming with life’s natural synchronicity … and so it is.”

“The Panthers and The Hornets win every championship … and so it is.” 


Examples of affirmations to share with your children:

“I have passed my test today and I am deserving of a good grade … and so it is.”

“I have awesome honorable friendships … and so it is.”

“I am grounded like the root of a tree … and so it is.”

“I have gotten into my best trade school or college, so that I can create the best career … and so it is.”

“I pick respectful kind partners to share my love with … and so it is.”


“You are one beautiful soul enjoying all new vibrancy and so it will be from me to you.” --Kelle Sutliff


Kelle Sutliff is an internationally known psychic medium, psychic investigator and award- winning author. The affirmations are from her latest book Spirit Speaks Within You. She recently relocated to the Charlotte area from Boston. To connect with Kelle, call 978-420-8213 or visit

Kelle Sutliff Psychic Medium - PO Box 10 Charlotte  NC

Kelle Sutliff Psychic Medium

Kelle Sutliff is a Psychic Medium, Author and successful Radio Show Host who has been a practicing Medium for over eighteen years. She conducts private readings and consults as a psychic ... Read More » 


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