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Solar Energy: An Easy Solution to Save Money and Help the Planet

Charlotte is currently experiencing a tremendous growth in the use of solar energy. Homeowners and businesses that have qualified and have had solar panels installed on their roofs are seeing clear cost savings in a world where inflation and interest rates are making nearly every bill go up. And as homeowners know the benefits of building equity by paying their mortgage each month instead of renting, solar helps build equity, too. 

Solar is a solution that helps people take control of their energy bills, hedge them against ever-rising costs and start building equity by owning their solar panels and harnessing free energy from the sun, instead of renting it from a utility company. 

Although no form of energy is completely clean, solar energy is an option where the pros—helping the environment, saving money, building equity and adding home value—heavily outweigh the cons—not all homeowners qualify and the green benefits still have room to grow. Those that do qualify can take advantage of the federal tax credit which saves an additional several thousand dollars on their energy usage.

To see if a homeowner or business qualifies, and obtain a complimentary cost quote, simply text or call 980-494-0393 to reach Jordan Peschek, nurse and local Solar Tech with Encor Solar. 

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