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Track Health Improvements at Scalar Health Enhancement Center

The Scalar Health Enhancement Center, a project of Free Spirit Humanitarian Church, co-managed by Sonny and Leslie Carl and based in Kannapolis, North Carolina, is offering free Quantum Magnetic Resonance body scans for anyone that schedules sessions at the facility. The procedure can track health improvements for those that receive energy health treatments.

“You have a black-and-white paper trail of the condition of your body systems and the ability to track the improvements by comparing scans spanning your treatment time,” says Leslie, who was trained on Rife and Scalar equipment back in the 1980s and is also a certified lymphologist and has experience in herbal use, food as medicine, body electric, distance healing and several forms of frequency health.

Using her background in frequency and Scalar health, the center is operating an Energy Enhancing System along with additional equipment and health-enhancing frequencies to provide the added benefits of a hybrid system that works more than each system can do independently. 

Location: 6175 Pagemont Rd. For more information or to arrange for a session, call 704-490-5483, email 
[email protected] or visit
Scalar Health Enhancement Center - 6175 Pagemont Rd Kannapolis NC

Scalar Health Enhancement Center - 6175 Pagemont Rd, Kannapolis, NC

Opening in Kannapolis. Sessions by Appointment ONLY! When you enter the Scalar Health Enhancement Center, you enter a space where the 5th Dimension isn’t just a theory, it is a functi... Read More » 



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