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Bask in the Wonder of Scalar Energy

Aug 31, 2023 09:35AM ● By Martin Miron


Scalar Health Enhancement Center, a project of the nonprofit Free Spirit Humanitarian Church, helps people heal themselves so they may live longer, happier, and more productive lives. Co-manager Sonny Carl says, “We believe that our greatest accomplishment so far is that the majority of our new clients are referrals from current clients and the glowing reports and high praise we have earned from our client base to their friends, relatives and circles of associates.”

Scalar energy does three things quickly. It increases cell permeability so that they can flush toxins out and into the bloodstream. This is important because the fewer toxins the body must spend energy dealing with, the more energy it has to protect and heal itself.

Every cell has mitochondria, or energy center. A healthy cell holds a charge of 70 to 90 millivolts. When that charge gets lower, the cell is less able to defend itself (cancer cells range from 10 to 20 millivolts). “The scalar energy of the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem), in a two-hour session, raises the charge of every cell in the body to 70 to 90 millivolts. This gives them the energy to help protect themselves and to heal and regenerate. The longer the cells can maintain that voltage, the more energy it has to heal itself and to regenerate healthy tissue,” states Sonny. 

The energy helps to strengthen and heal DNA, which can be mutated by the environment and other factors. Mutated DNA passes improper signals to our cells. “Our system strengthens the DNA and helps to return it to its ‘divine blueprint’, says Sonny. Once the DNA has been healed and strengthened, it starts sending clean, accurate signals to the cells, and that directs them in the rebuilding and regeneration processes required to heal. The system starts there and goes deeper, but these three processes are at the center of how the system energy helps our bodies to heal themselves.”

Co-manager Leslie Carl is a certified lymphologist, has training in reiki, Breath of Love, Body Electronics and Cranial Sacral Method, and has studied herbal use and food as medicine. She was trained in electronic medicine by Dr. James Solomon and Ed Skilling (a pioneer in the electronic medicine field).

They provide the same EESystem being used and promoted by Jason Shurka and Tony Robbins, healing frequency hybrid energy room, distance healing contracts, complimentary quantum resonance magnetic body analyzer reports, and frequency healing medallions and pendants.

Scalar Health Enhancement Center offers complimentary body scans to help clients see and understand what is going on in their bodies, are always available to answer questions, and coach and help educate clients on how they can live healthier lives.

They will have a booth at the Sol Harmony Fest from September 22 through 24, at 9940 Hambright Road, in Huntersville, doing body scans for a small fee. Sonny Carl will also give a class, “What is Energy and Frequency Healing and How does it Work?”


Scalar Health Enhancement Center is located at 6175 Pagemont Rd., in Kannapolis. For more information, call 704-490-5483 or visit

Scalar Health Enhancement Center - 6175 Pagemont Rd Kannapolis NC

Scalar Health Enhancement Center - 6175 Pagemont Rd, Kannapolis, NC

Opening in Kannapolis. Sessions by Appointment ONLY! When you enter the Scalar Health Enhancement Center, you enter a space where the 5th Dimension isn’t just a theory, it is a functi... Read More » 


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