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Jordan Peschek, Nurse and Senior Solar Tech, on Why Rooftop Solar Now

Oct 03, 2023 01:14PM ● By Jordan Peschek

The best way to go green when it comes to our energy usage is simply to minimize it. That said, we can also make a more conscious choice as to where our energy comes from. Though no form of energy is completely clean, solar energy is at the top of the list of options for homeowners. 

Solar has been around for a long time. But only recently has it become more affordable, and thus, more feasible, for homeowners to choose instead of renting it from a utility company. 

The key benefits of switching to solar now:

·      Solar is the most environmentally friendly choice homeowners can make. It is not feasible to put a windmill or nuclear plant in their backyard, but they can install solar panels.

·      Solar allows people to build equity by owning their solar panels and harnessing free energy from the sun, instead of renting electricity from their utility company at ever-increasing costs. It is very similar to buying a home and paying a mortgage instead of paying ever-increasing rental rates to a landlord. In this case, the utility company is the landlord.  

·      It is a money-saving option for 4 out of 10 homes (who have enough sun on their roof of course). With the cost of what seems like everything going up, solar is an option to save. People can make a financially smart choice for their family. People can take control of their energy bills, hedge them against ever-rising costs. 

·      Added savings: Those that do qualify can take advantage of the federal tax credit which saves an additional several thousand dollars on their energy usage.

·      No install cost with certain companies, allowing a seamless switch to solar from one’s current electricity.

·      Solar covers daily and yearly usage fluctuation. Whether people work from home or not, net metering allows people to collect energy for both when they are using it as well as when they are not. A properly planned and installed solar system will cover one’s energy usage in all of the natural fluctuations both throughout the day and throughout the year. As a result, that person should no longer have an electric usage bill.

·      Added home value. Charlotte is currently experiencing a tremendous growth in the use of solar energy. After all, North Carolina has an average of over 2600 sunlight hours per year. With ever-increasing interest in solar, that leads homeowners with solar panels installed on their roofs to see tens of thousands of dollars in added home value, depending on system size.

·      Coverage for decades. Quality panels should last 50 to 80 years and be backed by product and production warranties of at least 25 years.

To see if a homeowner or business qualifies, and obtain a complimentary cost quote, simply text or call 980-494-0393 to reach Jordan Peschek, nurse and local Solar Tech with Encor Solar. 

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