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Charlotte Area True Star Coaching Plans Three Sacred Journeys in 2024

Ebba P. Karlsson, founder and owner of True Star Coaching, is organizing three Sacred Journeys for next year—an Egypt Spiritual Adventure Cruise with optional extension for Israel and Jordan May 12 to 26 with a pre-tour stay in Jordan and Israel the week before; Quest for the Grail: A Sacred Journey to Southern France, July 14 to 21; and Sacred Egypt: Atlantis Initiation, August 31 to September 11 followed by an extension for integration through September 16. The trips offer unique opportunities for profound transformations as visiting powerful sites, receiving divine insights, conquering fears and shedding self-sabotage can awaken attendees’ inner master, igniting purpose and creating lasting happiness. 

“Our programs guide you to unlock your true potential, blending ancient wisdom from Atlantis and Egypt to harmonize your body, mind and spirit,” says Karlsson, a spiritual guide, healer and teacher whose first sacred journey last year was a great success according to all participants. “In intimate groups, you’ll find deep connections and spiritual authenticity, offering carefree lives. In a world that often feels out of balance, we must change our thoughts, actions and emotions to sow the seeds of a new humanity. The concept of ‘I AM’ and our interconnectedness with all beings, Gaia, and the universe are keys to creating a harmonious reality.” 

Karlsson is the author of the inspirational memoir True Starlight, has been to 35 countries and speaks four languages. She’ll collaborate with expert guides both in Egypt and France.


For more information, call 980-213-7777 or email [email protected]. Signup for trip waiting lists at Also visit

True Star Coaching - PO Box 10 Charlotte NC

True Star Coaching - Charlotte, NC

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