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Stay Tuned with Good Vibrations

Dec 01, 2023 02:48PM ● By Barbara Griggs

The language of energy is vibration. Since we, and all of creation, may have been “sung” into existence, Solfeggio tuning forks, using sound and vibration, can help us remember our original Song of Perfection. Sound and frequency permeate all of existence. By inviting balance, release, clarity and other benefits back into our physical, emotional and mental states of being, we are on our way to becoming all we were meant to be.  

Solfeggio tuning forks create rich, beautifully resonant tones that are felt vibrationally above and in the body, even though there is minimal physical contact. Chakras become balanced; energy returns; old beliefs and ancient debris can be surrendered, removing those thoughts no longer valid or useful. Blockages can be identified and released (see Researchers are finding many correlations between our ancient teachings and rituals with scientific secrets of sound that could help heal humanity from the inside-out (see Gaia: Sound of Creation Series).

Science now validates that it is possible to improve physical and emotional issues through vibrational tuning fork techniques. “When our bodies are properly tuned, we have a sense of well-being and perfect self-expression.” (see

At an appointment, the sound and vibration of the Solfeggio tuning forks are explained to the client; you will see, hear and feel the forks, and all questions will be answered. The client will lay face-down on a softly covered massage table with gentle music and perhaps candles or a light fragrance in the room.

The client is grounded by the Om Tuner (at 136.1 Hz, it is the vibration of the Earth as it goes around the sun). The energy of the chakras is determined by use of a pendulum, and the client will be informed of any issues observed. The Energy Vitality Technique (SomaEnergetics) is begun (totally non-contact) and the client only relaxes, allowing the sounds and vibrations to surround them.

At a certain point, the client is asked to turn over, lying face up, and the Energy Vitality Technique is completed; again, the client is grounded by the Om Tuner. They are gently helped to a sitting position, and suggestions are given concerning possible feelings resulting from the technique.


Barbara Griggs is a certified vibrational sound master teacher and owner of Spirit and Sound, in Charlotte. For more information, call 248-321-6098 or visit

Spirit and Sound - PO Box 5 Charlotte NC

Spirit and Sound

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