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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

February 2024 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte


FEATURE:  Oral Health for Heart Health

Looks at new research tying oral health to heart health and best practices and innovative treatments. Reviews gut-heart connection, how gut bacteria can affect oral health, gut flora, diet, etc.


HEALING WAYS – Breathwork Trends and Techniques for Stress Reduction and Heart Health 

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are key partners in regulating the body’s heart rate, stress levels and breathing. Stressors such as traffic jams, work deadlines, financial limitations or family conflicts can disrupt this synchronized partnership and lead not just to emotional anguish, but also to high blood pressure, inflammation and increased cardiovascular events. Understanding how breathing affects and is affected by the nervous system starts with the vagus nerve, the largest highway within the parasympathetic nervous system. 


CONSCIOUS EATING  - Trends in Dairy Alternatives

Non-dairy, plant-based milk alternatives – from options to market trends, nutrition, pros and cons, and tips for using. Recipes. Interviews include Elysabeth Alfano, nutrition expert and more.


FIT BODY –  Cardio Exercises that won’t injure your joints

Low impact yet effective cardio exercise, including aerobic, water-based, elliptical, yoga and Pilates, cycling, walking and specialized commercial offerings such as Pvolve, Barre, etc.


GREEN LIVING – Trends in Batteries

How has battery tech improved and where is it going/future of battery industry and next evolution - March 2024 Battery Conference topics at a glance


HEALTHY KIDS - Natural, Functional, and Holistic Approaches to Prevent and Treat Kids Ear Infections

New treatments and research in childhood ear infections.


NATURAL PET - Bonding Opportunities with Pet Friends

Ways that people and pets can spend time together to bond.


INSPIRATION –  Inspirational Black & Women Physicians

Women’s History Month & Black History; National Women’s Physician Day


WISE WORDS – The Heart Speaks

The Heart Speaks – Dr. Mimi Gauneri 


ECO TIP –  Sustainable Valentines

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