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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

March 2024 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte

March 2024 FOOD & NUTRITION Issue

FEATURE –  Trends in Food & Nutrition

Article focuses on some of the new trends in fitness and nutrition, including personalized nutrition, plant-forward diets, longevity protocols, nutritional psychiatry, shifts in food and beverage choices, non-alcoholic beverages, less processed meat alternatives, fiber-rich foods, sustainable packaging, sustainably grown foods, meal kit services continuing, sleep-targeted snack items and eating for prevention of various conditions.


HEALING WAYS – A Functional Medicine approach to Colon Health

Article reviews colon health strategies and tips from a functional medicine perspective. Includes optimizing digestive health, reducing inflammation, food and nutrients, restoring balanced gut bacteria, repairing gut lining, balancing lifestyle and reducing stress. 


CONSCIOUS EATING  - Nine Healing Herbs to Grow and Use

Home growing not only provides fresh herbs for cooking needs, but also offers access to easy and affordable natural remedies that can soothe common ailments. Tips for starting several common herbs in a home garden or windowsill garden.


FIT BODY –  2024 Fitness Trends

Focuses on what’s trending now in approaches to fitness


GREEN LIVING – Creating pollinator corridors in your community

Reviews the importance of hyper-local wildlife corridors that support pollinating insects, birds and more. The focus is on backyard, neighborhood and community efforts and ways people can make a difference at their own homes.


HEALTHY KIDS - Ear Infections- Holistic Treatments for Kids

Reviews prevention strategies for childhood inner ear infections, including avoiding foods that can cause mucus and inflammation, as well as exposure to food and environmental sensitivities that can trigger infections. Other items covered include diet, natural ear drops, chiropractic care, homeopathic remedies and vitamins.


NATURAL PET – Snake Care

Tips for adopting and caring for snakes.


INSPIRATION –  Healthy Living as a Spiritual Discipline

Ways to make intentional choices about our daily health and activities


WISE WORDS – “Change Makers” interview – Jeffrey Smith

Preserving the Nature of Nature


ECO TIP –  International Day of Forests 

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