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The New You Miracle Band Protects from EMFs

The team at The New You Miracle Band strives to enhance well-being through groundbreaking technology that harnesses electromagnetic frequencies. “Our product is designed to improve your strength, balance and overall comfort while offering a natural, drug-free solution to various health challenges,” affirms owner, Jeff Nursey, who embodies the transformative power of his product line. 

Despite a traumatic accident that left him in severe pain, Nursey is now known as the “Miracle Man.” His journey from agony to a pain-free life began with the Miracle Band and has continued for 10-plus years. To maximize its benefits, he suggests wearing it continuously for the first 30 days to experience immediate improvements in balance and strength, and then adjust wearing time based on individual results.

Looking ahead, Nursey shares that he and his team are dedicated to spreading the message of a pain-free life protected from EMFs. “We’ve recently introduced two exciting product lines to enhance your well-being. Our pet line offers collars for dogs and cats, extending the benefits to our beloved furry family members.”  

The company has also introduced Shungite jewelry and room décor designed to alleviate insomnia and pain, enhance energy, detoxify the mind, body and spirit, and protect against EMFs and 5G radiation.  

This is the first product line offered by the company as a non-wearable to provide benefits to those near the stone, around three to almost 10 feet depending on the size.

The New You Miracle Bands are available at many health stores including Charlotte Wholesale SupplementsGenesis Herb Garden in Concord, Organic Marketplace in Gastonia and Dr. Herb’s Natural Food Store in Hickory. For more information or to shop online, visit

The New You Miracle Band - PO Box 7 Charlotte NC

The New You Miracle Band

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