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Special Offer for Emotional Wellness Package

Darryl Roberts (Doctor Darryl), a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor with Haas Wellness Center, in Charlotte, specializes in emotional wellness, and has created a four-month Emotional Wellness Package designed to retrain our brain waves and balance the energy in the body so the body can better deal with stress. To help introduce it to the community, the 12-session program, which normally costs $3,250, has been reduced to $1,995 through the end of May.   

The package includes regular biofeedback scans with custom tones to balance emotional state as well as auriculotherapy (using acupuncture points on the ear to stimulate the brain thus helping mindset) and meridian balancing to correct the bodies’ flow of energy.

“Our daily stress is not getting less and our reserves to handle those stressors are running low,” says Roberts, who is also a Flower Essence Therapist. “Resetting brain waves and the bodies neurological system regularly is a key to keeping balance.”

Location: 3315 Springbank Lane, Ste. 102. For more information, purchase the package (using the promo code “Emotions”) or to schedule a free consultation, call 704-837-2420 or visit



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