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Learn the Essence of Qigong

Mar 30, 2024 02:45PM ● By Martin Miron

Qigong practitioner Jeff Primack will preside over a Mindbody Activation national event on April 20 through 22 at the Deerfields Retreat, located 30 minutes from Asheville. Hundreds of people can enjoy guest masters with special gifts, including high-level presenter Mariko Sato, LMT, a lineage holder of Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage for 20 years.

Primack states, “Qigong is the art of harnessing qi, which directly affects the blood flow and is an exercise that makes the blood pulse using specific breathing techniques, along with postures and slow graceful movements. Qigong also encompasses using healing foods, herbs, acupressure and yogic stretches, all of which energize the body, increase vitality and accelerate metabolism.”

He explains that many studies confirm practicing qigong reduces drug withdrawal in heroin addicts by 50 percent. “Several qigong instructors we’ve certified are teaching with huge success at Florida drug rehab clinics,” says Primack. Studies also reveal that qigong boosts the immune system and is beneficial for those fighting cancer.

Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz) has said, “If you want to live to be 100, do qigong.” These techniques originated more than 3,000 years ago with mountain wanderers that were activated by qi. Most acupuncturists are strong believers in qigong, and some prescribe exercises to their patients’ in-between treatments.

Qigong is different from yoga, primarily because it requires slower, more gracious movements to harness someone’s electromagnetic field. Some qigong exercises build muscle or speed, but most are a pulsation of qi through the body. Qigong is the “sensation of energy” and thus highly tangible. A few advanced systems like Kriya Yoga have striking similarities, but qigong has a much greater emphasis on precise breathing techniques. Qigong deals with smaller movements of the abdomen to circulate qi and more precise movements of the hands, rooting into the earth and opening pathways of energy. Primack advises, “Yoga works with energy, but to a lesser degree, and although we practice and love yoga, qigong does what yoga cannot. We have trained many thousands of yoga teachers, and they are always blown away by the tangibility of qi experienced.”

Within 10 minutes of qi-breathing, many people feel electricity in their hands. Primack says, “’the buzz’ is a reaction caused by increased levels of oxygen and ions, which I believe accelerates the vibration of our mitochondria. Many describe the inner buzzing or vibrational feeling as a natural high, and it has the obvious effect of stimulating endorphins. Many people describe ‘perma-grin’ where the gratitude is so overwhelming and the joy so potent that they can’t stop smiling for a short time.”

Qigong is best in the morning as a practice to extend life and beauty. “On your days when time is short, I recommend cleansing your body with oxygen and energy first thing in the morning,” shares Primack. “My practice is to wake up, brush my teeth and hair, drink some hot tea outside and do 9-Breath Method nine times, absorbing/retaining large amounts of oxygen in my bloodstream. This powerful breathing awakens the cellular vibration and stimulates metabolism.” Attendees will spend hours learning this method at the MindBody Activation conference.

The cost is $299. Veterans, military, firefighters and police are admitted free. To register, call 561-275-8384 or visit

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MindBody Activation - 101 Watagnee Tr, Horse Shoe, NC

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