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We Have A Choice


In times like today, when every aspect of society seems to be in chaos, one easy response is to escape—through drugs, alcohol, comfort food, non-stop entertainment or any other convenient mind-numbing practice. Many are defaulting to this “cure” for their discomfort. Others, feeling insecure, angry, and demanding change, agitate to take society back to what they remember as the “good old days.” They may not be clear about what exactly made the past better, but are more than willing to listen to people who place the blame for current troubles anywhere but where it actually belongs: on economic inequality and injustice.

A Major Transition

Most of us forget that another choice is possible. We can create a future completely different from the present or the past—one that expresses our most deeply felt desires to live together in peace, happiness, and prosperity. In fact, this choice is being reinforced, or perhaps stimulated, by the planetary energies now at play. We are currently in the midst of a major transition between two ages—moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, and such transitions tend to create chaos as the energies of the two constellations involved compete with each other. The energies of Pisces support individuality and devotion to separate religions or causes, while Aquarian energies promote cooperation, group efforts, synthesis, and brotherhood. As our planet moves closer to Aquarius, the polarization and divisions among people and ideas will diminish, and we will find more common ground.

So, now is the time to take advantage of the energies and to put forth visions of a world that would benefit all people—not just a few. In mundane terms, we need to expand the “Overton window”—the range of ideas that voters find acceptable—to include ideas that are not currently in the public eye—ideas that might at first be considered idealistic or even impossible to attain. For politicians to support policies outside of the window would be political suicide, as they would not be seen as legitimate options by society. Therefore, since it’s politicians who will be deciding the policies that will determine our future, we need to voice our desires for the kind of world we want, to make sure they are among the available options in the public discourse.

The Key: A Unified Vision of Sharing and Justice

How do we bring our ideas forward? The key is to have a unified vision, to voice it in large numbers, and to do so powerfully. Fortunately, we don’t have to do this alone. We have help in the form of the great spiritual teacher—Maitreya by name—who is here to accompany our transition into the Aquarian age, and we will see him soon. He has said that peace can be established and our societal ills transformed by simply sharing planetary resources more equitably, creating justice in every societal institution, and restoring and preserving our environment. We can count on him to galvanize people of goodwill to champion these priorities when he appears publicly, but we can start now.

We can talk about the future we want to our friends and relatives, call and write the president and our Congressional representatives on a regular basis about it, and spread the ideas through our social media outlets. There is power in numbers, and the 99% of us non-wealthy are by definition the majority. We just need to project our vision of sharing and justice powerfully in as unified a way as possible everywhere, and together we can create a future that works for everyone.

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