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Sneezin’s Greetings

Apr 30, 2024 09:32AM ● By Shannon Mc Kenzie

I can really identify with one of this month’s Health Briefs, A Rise in Adult Seasonal Allergies. I’ve always had seasonal allergies, and they’ve only gotten worse as I’ve moved east across the United States. This year, though, they’ve rocketed to ludicrous speed (yes, that’s a reference to the 1980s movie Spaceballs . . . I’m showing my age). A couple times, I’ve gotten just a whiff of pollen and immediately my nose started running, my eyes watered, I began coughing uncontrollably, and I couldn’t talk. My allergies have never been this extreme. 

And this happened after quite a few years of milder symptoms. I thought that I was getting better—that I was taking better care of myself and one of the benefits was less-severe seasonal allergies. My theory has seemingly been debunked. C’est la vie. 

 So now I look forward to rain, at least until we exit pollen season. But I won’t stay indoors, as spring is when everything comes to life. It’s currently sunset, and the birds are furiously chirping, along with crickets and possibly frogs. This beautiful evening is urging me to join it.

Wishing you an enjoyable spring outside and in nature,



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