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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

August 2024 Upcoming Issue of Natural Awakenings Charlotte

August 2024 Issue

FEATURE –  The Power of Community: Finding a Path to Meaningful Connection

FIT BODY –  Cross-Brain Fitness: An Integrative Workout for the Mind and Body

CONSCIOUS EATING  - In Search of the Healthiest Diet: Sustenance and Habits Inspired by Blue Zones

HEALING WAYS - The Power of Healing Circles: Resilience and Enjoyment in Nurturing Company

HEALTHY KIDS - Overcoming Generation Z Loneliness: Prioritizing Human Interaction Over Screen Time

GREEN LIVING – Protecting Waterways: How Individuals Can Make a Real Difference

NATURAL PET – Pet Posse: Building a Network Around Our Animal Companions

WISE WORDS – Ilarion Merculieff on The Wisdom of the Elders

INSPIRATION – Gathering Around the Friendship Fire

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